Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's talk about my fab new look, shall we?

No, I didn't go blonde.
I didn't lose an extreme amount of weight(dammit).
Nope, I didn't chop my hair into a trendy bob.
I didn't get a glamorous new dress.(I should though, right? Good, I think so too!)
I got a lovely new header from the amazing shop Jacq and Mal on my very favorite website of all time... ETSY! :)
Here was my before:
(which I really do love, but it's pre-fab & plenty of people have it!)
and here's the New & Improved(as seen above):

The owner, Brianna, was so easy to work with! She listens to what you're looking for & then prepares a first draft for you. My first draft looked nothing like my final(which happened to be my 2nd draft)! I didn't have a clue what I wanted when I first contacted her, and when I saw what she created, it's like it popped into my head EXACTLY what I wanted. She did an amazing job & was super quick!

(That's the first draft! I liked it, but knew I needed a little more funk. A little more cutesie!)

Here are some of Jacq & Mal's other creations
Eek! Perfectly cute with the font turning into string :)
Rawr. I love this one! It reminds me of my etsy banner with the skyline! I actually think I may get her to create me a new Etsy banner soon!
The simplicity of this one is perfection. Look at the little pup poking his head up at the bottom! :)

Oh & you know what else is fabulous about this shop? The prices!
I paid less for my new header than I did for my smoothie yesterday morning!

Go visit Jacq and Mal and get yourself somethin' fancy and new!
I promise, it'll make you feel as pretty as a new dress!

7 love notes:

  1. I love it, Lacey! :) I think it fits your personality. They did a great job!

  2. You are beautifully talented!
    Lovely blog.

  3. :) I, personally, am so ready for all this wedding crap to be over. I can't even imagine how OVER IT you must be! I giggled when I realized I posted a whole entry about crap. literally. haha, I'm getting old! Oh, and guess who DID get a cute bob today? teehheheh

  4. I love the beantown bird header, too. Most of all, I LIKE your new do. It's so looks like there is a Christian statement (in the telephone poles) here as well?

  5. The blog makeover is a total hit, Lacey. I'm happy for you!:)

  6. I visit a lot of blogs and very comfortable saying when I like one's look or not. I feel I have good taste. LOL.

    Anyway, I like the new design and will have to go and check out Jacq and Mal as well...

  7. I just checked out their etsy store because I need a new header. Was it really only $5?? That seems ridiculously cheap...


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