Monday, July 6, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I must have just known today would be no good somehow.
These may have been the tip-offs.

I don't know why this kid is holding his crotch. Seems a little inappropriate to me.

  1. I didn't sleep at all. NOT. ONE. WINK.
  2. I've just been having a bad week. I don't want to talk about it. No, not even to you(sorry). What's the point, really?
  3. I got out of bed(from my long laying sesh)and threw on some clothes. I didn't bother with that whole 'make yourself look decent and put on some makeup so you look alive' thing. NOPE.
  4. I got hit on by the guy making my smoothie. (He looked like Shemar Moore(yeah, I had to google that)from some soap back in the day. Apparently he's on Criminal Minds now... oh yeah, and he works at my local Smoothie King. Duh.) Anyway, I walk into SK and he begins walking to the spot to take my order. There's some song on that I've never heard about "making love" and he's singing it loud enough for me to hear. Clever, right? Then he decides we're going to have a conversation. AWESOME, Shemar... awesome.

Shemar: What are you up to this morning?

Me: Being tired.

Shemar: Why?

Me: Didn't sleep.

Shemar: Aww, insomnia? out drinkin'? male problems?

Me:(at this point I thought about saying I liked women, but then thought he might be into that.) Uhm, just couldn't sleep. Just wasn't happenin' for me.

Shemar: I see. Well that's ashame. Why aren't you sleeping now then?

Me: Work. It happens.

Shemar: Oh what do you do?

blah, blah, blah...

Ergh. Why can't I just be a HUGE bitch to strange boys. He asked for my number so we could "network", and by "network" I'm pretty sure he meant "make love". Ended up giving the guy my card so he would stop asking questions, and now i'm going to have to dodge any unrecognizable numbers. Honestly, be a bitch, Lacey.)

5. I'm psychic.

6. I pull into work and the lights are on. The open sign is up. I'm all, "hrmm, maybe I'm not supposed to be here! YES! I can just go home!" (I was excited about the prospect of going home because a)I haven't slept, remember? KEEP UP, sheesh! and b)Doll Face is at my house today & she was giving me some serious baby kisses before I left. I could use 100 more.) So I run in to check my schedule & sure enough, I'm not on for today. The owner comes up to the front to talk to me and says, "Oh good! Since you came in, I'll just take you off another day and go run my errands today." BOOOO. Why the H couldn't I have just called when I saw the lights on? Gahh.

7. It's cloudy and rainy and both of my umbrellas? Yeah, they're on my bedroom floor.

8. I'm pretty freakin' sure my leg is haunted or falling off or something.

(One 0f those numbers is a complete and utter lie, and I'm ashamed to say it's not #8)


Life can just suck it today.

I'm sitting here avoiding sewing of any kind and watching The O.C. on Hulu.

God Bless Hulu.

Now, if only I had a bed...

To end this moment of Blitching (blog bitching) I'd like to just say that I really am grateful to God that I am alive to live days that seem pointless like this. I have moments when I feel sorry for myself for stupid(and some not so stupid)reasons, but I do see through it all. I am so grateful for this life, for this day, for this rain, for the guy in the smoothie shop thinking I look good enough to hit on, for my haunted leg, for those morning baby kisses, for it all. I'm thankful. I'm alive, and that means...I'M OKAY. Things could be SO much worse. This is nothin'.

15 love notes:

  1. Life sucks today here too. :( Hope it looks up for both of us soon!

  2. hugs, hope your day gets a little better!

  3. Hope your day gets better! There's always tomorrow, right?

  4. It seems to be going around lately here too...

    Feel better

  5. I'm sorry. I hope it gets better soon.

  6. Sending you BIG hugs.

    I used the same words in my post today.........terrible, horrible,.....

  7. PS love your new makeover!

  8. Good for you for looking at the bright side, even when it seems so very far away...hope things get better! =)

  9. I know the feeling.
    I think we had similar days today.
    Hope your week gets better!

  10. you are hilarious! sometimes you just have to get it off your shoulders!! hope you have a wonderful day dear! :)

  11. Hope everything gets better for you soon!

  12. Aww, I'm sorry you are having an awful week! And there is nothing wrong with some blitchin now and then. Blog looks great!

  13. Sorry for your bad week, wish it gets better this week though. Being hit on like that is so gross, sorry :(

  14. dang!! thats a lot for one day. lame lame laaaame about the showing up when you didn't have to work thing, I guess you could've slept all day. and the oc! totally forgot about that show. you should also try its my favorite, I like it better than hulu. hope you're feeling better now!! <3


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