Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Whiskers on Kittens isn't included... sorry.

Writer's Workshop
List your 7 most favorite summer items or things
(Yeah, I added the "things" part. I stray from the pack. It's just how i roll.)
Be As You Are brand boxers for ladies:
I love them! I scoop up a handful of them as gifts when I find them

Yeah, you're right... I love them all year long. If woman and drink could form a union, I'd choose the margarita as my life partener.

I'm not trying to impersonate a leather handbag when I'm older, y'all.
This sunscreen actually smells good!

For beachy curls that aren't crunchy!

If you've never gotten a snowball in Louisiana... you just don't get it. These are no "snow cones", my friends. Snow cones can't touch this.
Next best thing to actually being at the beach:
Close your eyes in the shower and pretend!
And my favorite thing this Summer so far?...

love love love Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm headed in the right direction again :)
Alright, alright... & Wedding Guy. He 's been a pretty non-sucky addition to this Summer as well! Haha

7 love notes:

  1. Where are those boxers from?? So adorable!

  2. Those northerns don't know what good is until they have had a SNOWBALL!!! Thanks for the idea, Tay and I might go and get one today after school!! She likes Purple, I love a good Dreamsicle or Tutti Fruitti!! What's your favorite?

  3. That last one's my favorite. So cute!

  4. Yummm...margaritas! And love the boxers. I'll have to look for them. Wonder if they sell them here in So Cal.

  5. OOOH MARGARITASSSS :) i love! SNowballs look yummy, maybe it's the equivalent of "Es Serut" here in indo! I can only assume with the ices and the syrup :)

  6. I totally agree about margaritas! Love 'em!!!


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