Thursday, August 20, 2009

Talking to the walls



Writer's Workshop
with Mama Kat

If these walls could talk...

They would tell you that I painted over their cheery blue color with a shade of grey. They would say it hasn't always been easy. They'd tell you I've spent a lot of nights alone and a lot of days daydreaming. They would whisper about the time I spent a week in bed with no expression on my face and questions in my heart. These walls would sell me out, for sure.

These walls of mine aren't all bad, you see... because they would probably tell you that they prefer that soft shade of grey. They feel a little more badass that way. They would tell you about the sweet baby girls who come crawling through the doorway looking for me with big smiles on their faces & the little boy who knocks and screams," Lay Lay? It's ******! I come in?" These walls would tell you all of my creative secrets and that my brain works best late at night. They would tell you how i dance around in my underwear and heels when I'm getting ready to head out. And lately... they'd probably tell you that they don't see me nearly as often as they once did, but when I do enter my room... I'm always smiling. They'd probably tell you that I've been cheating on them with someone elses walls. They would be right.

My walls are such gossips.

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  1. i love this.. i love the way it went from the walls talking about your darkest days to them revealing that you have been cheating on them. :)

    very cool post!

  2. I've been reading your post since you started afresh at this address. I'd have to say your walls are probably pretty happy now that your heart is most definitely happy <3!

  3. Wow...

    I wonder what my walls would say in my house.

  4. What a great insight into your life via your walls "eyes."

  5. You are such a great writer! I love gray walls. Poor things, with you cheating and all.

  6. I especially loved this post about your "walls".

  7. Love the last line. Too cute!

    Glad you are happy and smilin' now!

    Stopping over from Mama Kat's ;)

  8. Love it! Glad you're having happy times.

  9. Oooh, juicy. Could those walls possibly be WG's?? :)

    Was going through the list at Mama Kat's, and lookie lookie who I came across!!

  10. Ah, girl! This one is one of my favorites too. Oh wait. All of yours are my favorites. =)

    I totally work better at night, love to dance while getting ready....and have even spent time in bed expressionless.

    We are so sisters. =)


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