Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts at 25


I am: feeling weird about being 25. It's that age you throw all your goals on. I'm trying not to do that! Can you say quarter life crisis?
I think: way too much.
I know: that I'm blessed.
I have: amazing family and friends!
I wish: that I was with my friends or the WG right now. I will be with my women tonight! WOO HOO!
I hate: the word hate.
I miss: being a teenager sometimes.
I fear: losing a loved one.
I wonder: A LOT. I think it sort of goes hand in hand with the thinking!
I regret: very little.
I love: even more than I think. :)
I am not: easily shaken.
I believe: in true love. Even though I've seen the ugly side of relationships(& I'm not sayin' I was the one being ugly! You guys read the blog, you know I'm a very capable girlfriend!)... I believe that goodness exists.
I dance: when I try on clothes. I don't know why, people... it's just something I've always done!
I sing: in the car and in the shower!
I cry: when I feel any emotion really strongly.
I fight: horribly! I'm not one of those people who enjoys a good fight.
I always: laugh at my own jokes.
I listen: to my ipod when I'm cleaning house.
I am happy about: my life lately!

Have a great weekend, y'all! I have a busy, fun weekend planned! Can't wait :o)


13 love notes:

  1. You are SO beautiful girl! Love your lists.

  2. Oh to be 25 again! Stopping by from SITS to say hi. That's a great picture of you, such a pretty girl!

  3. Have a very very happy birthday weekend!

    Love this list! I may have to steal it sometime!

  4. I kinda feel the same way about turning 20...
    It's one of those milestone ages that makes you stop and thing, 'What the hell have I been doing with myself/my life/everything around me up until now!?!?'

  5. have a great weekend. oh to be 25 again. enjoy life it is fun for sure.

  6. happy birthday!! i will be 25 next month! i found you through sits!
    girl with your pretty face you won't be single forever!!

  7. You're so romantic and sweet, and I think those two qualities will be timeless seeing you'll always be that awesome.

    Happy birthday girlie!:)

  8. ya Ashley(Amazing) and I are friends :) she helps me keep my sanity around here. I havent been to New Orleans...yet... its on my to-do list, that seems to just keep growing haha

  9. I dance when I try clothes on too! I need to make sure they are going to look great when I break into a dance party in the middle of the grocery store. :)
    You are amazing! Hope you have a wonderful, busy weekend!

  10. In honor of you, the next time I try clothes on I will dance. :)

  11. I also dance when I try on clothes. It's hard not to start grooving when you put on something that looks and/or feels amazing!! Plus, you have to see how you can move in it...even if it's a business skirt!

  12. Awwww, enjoy 25 while you can, only gets achier and wrinklier from here...hahahaha


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