Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Thinking About...

... a picnic for two when the cool autumn air finally finds it's way to Louisiana. :) Have any good picnic foods I should include? It's never too early to start planning a menu!

...printing pictures. I'm going to try to keep a scrapbook of my 25th year! I'm not a big scrapper, so it should be interesting! I'm going to do everything I can to NOT BUY any cutesy scrapbooking stuff until after I have the pictures picked out that i'm going to use. Because I am so the type to buy a bunch of crap and never use it.(Which is when I'd end up having a giveaway of all the crap I didn't use... because hey, you might!?) sad it is that I upgraded to Picnik premium & the only thing I've figured out how to do is make myself kiss, well... myself. I also find it a little sad that I'm pretty amused by it!

...the gorgeousness of this bed. I don't think it would be incredibly hard to make either! I'm going to save it to my inspiration folder! :)
♥♥♥...this good looking fella that I call my very own. We're a few months in now & learning more and more about one another. He's still making my heart feel happy and beat fast. We aren't perfect, we're not striving to be, but we each feel like we are the lucky one, and I think that's saying something. I think that's a little bit of perfection in itself.♥♥♥
It took me a while to figure that out & then I found him by pure accident...
sweet serendipity!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a perfectly lovely weekend!

Lots of goodness happening here next week! Pictures of my weekend, guest posting over at one of my bbb's (best blog buddy... duh) and a ton of new creations! Oh ... and POSSIBLY a giveaway if I can get my booty in gear!

Hope to see you then, Lovies :)

21 love notes:

  1. I wish picnic weather would hurry up and get here! (I'm in Louisiana too) I can't wait to break out cords, sweaters, boots, wine and a picnic! :-)

  2. Have a great weekend, Lace! It's such inspirational sentence by the way, I hope the guy continues how lucky he is to have you :)

    Ps. I love that bed!

  3. You have another bbb??? Wha huht?!?


    Your man is mighty fine there girlfriend! Yowza.

    And your inspiration folder, one I also have, is just another reason why I must adopt you and bring you here to the west siiiiiide.

  4. Oh yes, the bed. Definitely in the inspiration folder!

    You put another pic of WG up - woo hoo! You're sticking to your word. :)

  5. That bed...its perfect!! Sure beats my Ikea.

    Have a lovely weekend

  6. i stinkin LOVE that photo of you kissing seriously it amuses me tooooo! and your guy...awww!!! your guy!!! you two are so stinkin cute i love it...and seriously that quote i am taking b/c i heart it madly...and it is so incredibly ture...just speaks to me!!!

    happy friday lovely lady!!

  7. So cute! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh, enjoy the warm weather for me...New England is cool already and the summer never really came. I'll hike and picnic for you, you go swimming for me -- then all will be right with the universe!

    Oh... and I suggest hummus with lots of garlic and lots of breath mints afterward!

  9. Lovely blog:) Stopping by from sits!

  10. "but we each feel like we are the lucky one, and I think that's saying something."

    Wow, that is EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now with my new boyfriend. It is an amazing feeling. :)

  11. I love that bed!
    We do champagne and strawberry anniversary picnics. So fun!

  12. Hello Lacey! I just discovered your blog on recommendation of K.Law. I'm really looking forward to reading!

    ~ Jen

  13. I enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for popping over to mine and entering my giveaway. Good luck!

  14. I love picniks! How about you make something with an avocado chicken wrap... And lots of fruits; that's a must!;) I enjoyed this post; it makes me happy that you're happy:)
    Btw, I know this cool blogger who scrapbooks, maybe you can get inspired.

  15. I been thinking of picnicking lately. Not sure, it'll wind up actually happening for me, but its a fun thought!

  16. It's probably more sad that I see this kiss pic and think wow, I should really upgrade to Picnik premium :)

  17. THIS AUTUMN PICNIC LOOKS FANTASTIC- Makes me want ot pack up a picnic basket and go out with my babe!

  18. I totally agree about the printing pictures thing. Mine always just end up on my computer and live there for pretty much ever. And sometimes *gasp* they may even get accidentally deleted! so I think that's an awesome goal to scrap your 25th year :] also, how cute are you and your man! I love that little quote, I'm saving it.


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