Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Oh The Glamour

My bathtub is usually full of bath toys and the walls are covered in bath crayon scribbles.
I almost always have a car seat in my backseat.
I once went an entire day without realizing I had spit-up on my shoulder.
I have said the phrase "Is that poop on the floor? I think that might be poop."
I know all of the words to "The Hot Dog Song".
I clean fingerprints off of the bathroom mirror more times a week than I'd like to count.
... and I don't have any kids.

& You know what? I wouldn't have it any other way,
because I know what it feels like to...

have a baby snuggled against my chest fast asleep.
hear a child say their first words and take their first steps.
hear tiny knocks at my bedroom door.
have a tiny hand wrapped around my finger.
and my favorite?
...Oh the Joys of being an Aunt...

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14 love notes:

  1. I think you're so ready to be a mom. Not to mention your future baby must be super cute, good genes from the mom lol :)

  2. Ahhhh...I love this and think the same thing many days. I know the time will come when I'm ready to have children (hopefully blessed to have them) but for now I'll relish in the fact that when the baby is screaming in line at TJMax, it's not mine:)

  3. I LOVE that far right bottom picture! Precious!

  4. awwww...seriously seriously LOVE THIS!!! but my favorite part?!?! "give them back at the end of the day" true!!! oh wait...not for me...JUST my ladies madly!!! just happy now they have their aunt around to be as great as you seem to be in these photos!!!

    happy wednesday pretty lady!

  5. I love being an aunt!! I think that it is just fabulous! I went to see mine last Sunday and got them all wound up and hyper and then bolted! ha ha! I am sure my sister-in-law loved me for that!

  6. Oh it is fun to be an Aunt. It makes you ready to be a Mom someday if you want that.

  7. being an auntie is the best thing ever!! i have one nephew he makes my world go round ;)

  8. That was probably my favourite part of being a pre-school teacher!

  9. Oh, the days when I could give them back! :)

  10. Okay, seriously? Please move here and my our auntie!!! My lil sis lives 30 minutes away and my kids see her all of mmmm.....maybe every 6 months or so.

    I need you here! ;-)

  11. Hello lovely, I GAVE YOU AN AWARD! Because I love your blog so much! And because I love what you share! Not just because I love that we have the same name!!!

  12. I'm pretty sure my little sis could say the same thing. And us mommies are very grateful for aunties!


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