Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Packing Pro

That's what I tell the WG before I start packing to head to go see him, haha. :) I'm getting really good at "getting my sh*t together" though!(I felt like having the word shit in this post too many times might be tacky... so I'm going with sh*t instead. Makes no difference, huh? Haha, whatever.)
Seriously... I could pack and unpack for a living. I feel like I spend half of my time doing it now!
Since I've become such an expert, I decided I should share a few tips with my people(that's you).

Make a list! List out the days you'll need to pack for and then what it is you'll be doing that day. Like this weekend my list looked something like this:

Saturday: Gameday- Seven cropped jeans, Heart LSU tee, black flip flops, purple meg earrings

Sunday: Bumming around- black comfty dress, black flip flops, silver loopies earrings

Dinner with WG's Sis & BIL- black and white bubble dress, black peep toes, sparkly lulu earrings, limited bracelet

Monday: Poolside- anchor bikini, purple coverup, black flip flops, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses

Then, once I have my outfits layed out, I put the appropriate undergarments with them, pile them up in the order I'll be wearing them & pack 'em up!
Don't just throw a bunch of stuff in a bag. You'll end up with WAYYY more than you need and that means carrying WAYYY more than you need. Not good. Planning it out is the way to go!
Pack as few pairs of shoes as possible(I wore the same flip flops with 3 different outfits this weekend). They are bulky and take up much needed space! You can make the most of the space in your bag by filling your shoes with things though! Put your socks, panty hose or jewelry in those bad boys :)

If you travel alot... you need what my friends and I call a "Shack Pack". My friend B made me one for my birthday so I won't have to pack and unpack my toiletries everytime I go to stay with WG. It makes my life so much easier! I don't ever even take my shack pack out of my duffle! Everything I need to stay pretty and clean is in there: facewash, lotion, bodywash, a loofah, a razor, shave gel, q-tips, toothpaste & a toothbrush, deodorant... the works! This seriously saves me so much time not having to pack all of that stuff everytime!

Packing dresses makes your life easier... I promise. 1 item is your entire outfit. BING, BANG, BOOM. I have this little dress(mine is black though) and I LOVE IT.(It's from F21, gals!) It fits so cute & is ridiculously comfortable! Ughh, and I tried it on with my black slouchy boots and it's SOOOO cute. I can't flippin' wait for it to get cool enough to wear them!

So, there ya' go! Remember that next time you need to get your sh*t
(or shit) together!

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  1. Great tips, Lace! I'm among those who end up bringing too many things. In the end I don't even wear them :)

  2. i want that dress!!!!!! seriously!!! I hope they have it in my area or I may hunting you down to pick one up for me!!! I love F21!!!!

  3. I always end up packing everything and I don't wear half of it!

  4. I will keep this in mind next time I pack. My suitcases are always flowing over!

  5. I am a list girl! I also pack my list so I don't leave stuff behind at hotels, friends' houses, etc. It is esp. helpful now that I have kids!! :) Good post!

  6. Good idea! And your outfit does sound cute!

  7. Man, I wish I had thought of a "Shack Pack" when I was in college!!

  8. this is perfect! im sitting here thinking that i need to get off my little ass and pack my clothes for my trip so you just inspired me. off to get my shit together...with your tips of course ;)

  9. I'm impressed with your packing skills. I normally travel with a small duffel (sp?) bag - nothing more and nothing less. LOL.

  10. You do have skills, girl! I always bring way too many shoes and my suitcase is always over 50lbs. :)

  11. Girl, I just love you. Love. You.


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!