Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home is Where your Heart is?

These days, home is feeling less and less like home. Sure, my family is here & it's where I grew up... but my heart just hasn't been here lately. Whenever the ex and I broke up I began to feel antsy in this town. I started thinking about fleeing. I'm 25, single & have no children to my name... if there ever were a time, this would be it. If I were to go anywhere, it would be closer to my friends.... which now, happens to be closer to WG. They all live in the same town. I'd just get a day job there to pay the rent and bills and do my Lacey in the Sky stuff in my spare time. Ever since I graduated highschool, I've done everything I can to stay home(or close to home)... and suddenly, I feel myself pulling away from it. It's a strange feeling for me. I guess it's time I let my heart choose a home.


Here's some cuteness I've been creating :)

Working on a painting tonight... will share when it's complete!

I have these in couple different colors :) ((turquoise, royal blue, purple, red, black & pink)) Love them!

They're $6.99
This is my "I can't believe I'm modeling a bib right now" face. Nice, eh?
I'm just about out of this monkey fabric(and it's discontinued)! It's been a big seller for me & I'm sad to see it go! They're even cuter when they are personalized :)
They're $14.99 including the monogram

These will go up whenever I manage to get a shop update going. I need to get on the ball!
If you want to order one before I list them... as always, feel free!
Freeeeee shipping if you mention you saw this on Lacey in Love!
Email me: Lacey_inthesky(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  1. OKAY...first you are absolutely gorgeous!!!! SERIOUSLY!! and two i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR FLOWER HAIR CLIPS!!! whoa!! so stinkin cute!!

    and oh lady...i can totally feel ya on the being pulled away...i've lived far from "home" for awhile...but even now i feel like i am being pulled somewhere new...

  2. This reminds me of a quote from Sweet Home Alabama.. "you can have roots and wings too ya know".. I think if you want to move away, do it now. You can always come back if you want to, but at least you won't regret never trying it.

  3. Ha - I love the "I can't believe I'm posing for a picture" face. Priceless.

    I'm trying to get out too, not because I feel disconnected but because I just want to. It's not as easy as it seems!

  4. Sometimes you just need to get away from home and you can find yourself... like really find yourself.

    Give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen?


  5. It is nice to be on your own. I mean you are young and should try it. Love the flowers.

  6. I heart the flowers in your hair!! so awesome.

  7. first, i totally get the feeling of wanting to go someplace new.. i feel like that a lot.

    second the flowers are so cute! and so is the bib! at first i was trying to figure out what shirt you were wearing and then read that it was a bib haha

  8. I'm from Louisiana too! Probably pretty close to where you are I am guessing.
    I moved to Memphis two years ago and love it! It's close enough to drive back and forth to visit my family & friends.
    Loving your blog. Fabulous.

  9. "I guess its time I let my heart choose a home"

    UMMM so WITH YOU!!!

  10. You look so cute in those pictures :)


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!