Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello, Awesome... I'm Lacey.

Day 1-Saturday:
LSU won!

WG met the parents!
(taking pics of that would have just been plain awkward, y'all... sorry)
We came to my house and I showed him the ropes and introduced him to my parents,
and then we headed to dinner with the rents, sis & niece.
My niece was a nice buffer at dinner... ya' know, being adorable and all,
so at least all the attention wasn't thrown onto WG to make him too uncomfortable!
Anyway... it went great! They loved his great manners & that he opened every door for me :)
I quite like that, myself!

We grabbed some coffee in my neck of the woods & then hopped back on the road to head back to his place.
We made a pit stop in his hometown(20 minutes from mine)
so I could see the house he grew up in, which was neat-o!
The rest of the drive back we listened to music, sang, laughed and talked.
I felt lucky. I felt happy. I felt in love.

Oh & check the socks I rocked under my boots that night. I know... AWESOME :)

Day 2- Sunday:
Woke up late, cuddled with WG, watched some TV & then headed home. Heading home is always my least favorite part of the weekend. Today it was brightened a bit by an impromptu Stop-n-Shop halfway home b/c it was raining too hard to continue driving. I managed to find a few items I've been looking for, which I'll share with you soon :)

Saints won!
(I missed watching the game due to the driving home and such... but hey, it's still awesome that they won!)

That night, I decided a Girly Night was in order.
I rented a chick flick
Took my nails from nude to "naughy girl" red & then as I waited for my nails to dry, I popped a bag of 100 calorie popcorn...
and promptly sprinkled chocolate & peanut butter chips on top of it,
because that's just how I roll.

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17 love notes:

  1. love the socks! And the "you should have had the yoghurt" lol, funny!

  2. I LOVE THE SOCKS. I have some in primary colors, just like that. THE SAINTS AND THE TIGERS WON WON WON! yay!

    I am sooooo happy the first intro went so well!

  3. So glad it went well!!! That's always super stressful.

    Have a great day!

  4. Soooo funny!!! I wear striped knee highs under my boots too!!!

    Total BFF's!!!!

    Sooooo happy things went well this weekend, as I knew they would!

    Love ya!!! Muah!

  5. Very awesome! AND I LOVE the socks! Fab!

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad it went well with WG and the p-rents.
    YAY Saints... they look really good this year!!

  7. hahaha! i love your awesome so far! Im so making that popcorn!

  8. I'd definitely say this counts for an awesome weekend! I'm so happy for you that things went well with WG and the rents : ) And I'm loving the chocolate and peanut butter chips idea on your popcorn. I haven't even eaten breakfast yet but I know what I'm making later lol!

  9. Yo crack me up!

    Glad meeting the rents went so well!

  10. That popcorn looks awesome!

    I'm glad to hear things went well with WG & the parents. you weren't really6 worried, were you?

    I like this idea of awesome. I wish I had some awesome inspirations, right now.

  11. Cute post, I love that feeling of being in love!!!

  12. Love the socks, love the popcorn "recipe." :)

  13. Um, SO glad the fam loved WG. Not surprised, based on what you've told us about him!

    And that popcorn sounds SO good. I might have to have some now...thanks Lacey. Thanks a LOT, haha.

  14. Socks are simply amazing! I have never put choco and peanut butter chips on popcorn is going to be a must try!

  15. WG really got your rents on his palm, wooow all boys should learn how to roll like that :D

    ps. the popcorn looks yummy!

  16. Your socks look like that Yak Stripes gum...hahahaha


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