Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's burning my eyes...

...you're shining so bright...

Some days I wake up and remember I have an anxiety disorder. I feel insecure. I feel ugly. I question truths. I feel like a joke. I want to hide under the covers. I want someone to hold me.
Some days I don't feel like ME at all.

But I get out of bed & put on my makeup. I brush my hair and pin it back pretty. I wear a mask that says everything is just fine. I do this to please others... to make them feel okay. But me? Sometimes I find the scariest parts of me just as pretty as the wonderful parts. Because they're mine & without them, I'm not me.

I think it's necessary to go through some dark days in order to appreciate the bright ones. You'd never know how great the sun was if it never rained.

Put on your shades, my friends.
I know I am.

12 love notes:

  1. What a great post! You're beautiful my lady. Inside and out.

  2. So very true! You're beautiful Lacey!

  3. You are absolutely right!! Sometimes it is good to feel the "lows", so you will know how good the "highs" are!!

  4. Very brave.
    I too have severe anxiety-
    Today is a dark day here too.
    But, you smile and deal :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. this line is beautiful.. "I wear a mask that says everything is just fine. I do this to please others... to make them feel okay. "

  6. Lacey, you really are beautiful with or without make ups. :) You have inner beauty glowing too!

  7. This is gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous, inside and out.

  8. Ahhhh, anxiety disorders....

    You are so beyond me, because I have yet to embrace mine.

    But, yes....now that I know that darkness....I appreciate each and every day that isn't.

    You are amazing and incredible my dear!

  9. Very cute post.. and nothing ugly about you.

  10. A very honest post...one we can all relate too.

    You are beautiful!

    ..and the sun will come out, tomorrow! :)

  11. i love this.
    youre wonderful.

  12. completely speaks to me right now...COMPLETELY...this is the season of my life right now and changes are a'comin...excited nervous...but ready!


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