Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Kind Of Awesome

Wordful Wednesday:
Some Kind Of Awesome

My niece Doll Face did her best Beyonce impression for me :)
(she was trying on leotards for her halloween costume... a kitty cat!)

My nephew was headed off to the aquarium, and before he headed out the door... the sweetheart that he is, requested a picture with moi! Love this boy to the moon and back. Such a sweet part of my day :)

Time spent with my Mr.

Snapped some pics of the pup in bed with us later that evening... in every picture he blinked.
Such a silly dog :)

Lunched with some of my favorite ladies! Didn't get pics of that, sorry! My battery went dead :(

Went out with friends!
Group shot!
WG and my friends being hotties
Notice my goofy bf in the background lookin' like his fantasy is about to happen. Silly boy, haha.
A serious one of C & I :)
Saturday:Cleaned WG's house up a bit while watching Juno. Love that movie :)
Then I headed out to meet WG and his friends to tailgate! It was actually chilly outside... AWESOME!

Sunday:WG woke up not feeling so hot. The day before had beat the life out of him(and his liver) & he was also struggling with a cold. Poor Mr. Not AWESOME.
Soooo, we layed in bed basically all day. We took a ride to get takeout from a little italian place & then headed right back to the house and got comfty. AWESOME.

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12 love notes:

  1. Oh I wannnnttt your life, so beautiful and full of loves.

    Ps. How cute is Dollface in the leotard. Aww I gushed majorly, can she spend a weekend at my place? Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Your niece's legs are too much! Adorable!

    And the photo with your nephew is equally delightful!

  3. you are gorgeous! i love these photos lady :) sounds like a fun weekend

  4. That's a hellova weekend if I do say so myself! Totally jealous!

  5. Sounds like you had a great week... and so glad you and WG are so happy!!

    BTW- I'm sorry your Tigers lost.... even though I am from Florida, I am NOT a fan of the Gators and REALLY wanted LSU to beat them!!

  6. okay i love your life...i am back...i think...working on thing i know fosho though is lady i flippen MISSS YOU!!!

  7. Doll Face's chunky baby thighs are the cutest ever!! I wish I could bulk up my little one...she has stickly bird legs--not a good look on a toddler. Wish I could trade with her. ;)

  8. In the first pic those chubby little legs are sssoo cute!

  9. i love coming over to your blog, you always have such sweetness going on it puts me in a good mood! :) thanks ladyy. i'm glad you've been having an awesome week!

  10. OMG...being lazy and then going out to get food and coming back and being even more lazy is basically the best thing ever created ever....

  11. looooovin your awesomes! and youre doing such a better job on keeping up with posting than me. ahhhh! great job lacey!


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