Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ryan Salad & Blog Dates & Cat Shit... OH MY!

Good morning you fine ladies. Kristen here from KLaw: Inspired. Lacey and I have fallen in bloggity blog lurve with each other and she has asked me to guest spot. I am SO honored!

Its always nerve racking when you are asked to guest post for someone. Will their peeps like me? Am I cool enough? I hope that my rants about Ryan Reynolds and how I would like to eat his muscles up with a side of biscuits and gravy doesn't cause the ultimate demise of Lacey Kingdom over here. Because well, its true and because she's pretty rad and I'd hate to do that to her. (But I sure would love to have me a little Ryan salad ifyaknowwhudimean).

I adore Miss Lacey. I really do. She's not only adorable in an I wanna put you in my back pocket for a rainy day kinda way, but she's funny to boot. And that, my friends, is a rarity. There aren't many that can hang in such great footsteps as ours hers.

I thought I'd tell you about my date. Bow chicka bow wow! You say I have a Husband? Why, yes I do! And he's is fantastic, but I have decided to also bat for the other team.

On Friday, at 11am to be exact, I have a date to finally meet my SFAM (sista from anotha mista) in person. You see, Summer and I have been chatting all day (I'm talking literally - from like 9 - 5), every day for about two months. Conversations range from penis quilts (Regretsy - go...now!), to nail polish, to our quest to become Mommies. And she and her Husband are flying down from NYC to South Florida to stay with us for a weekend of tricks and treats. Prolly more tricks than treats, but that'll be a story for another time. Pictures to come.

(This is what I envision us to be, 'cept I'm not nearly that skinny)

She is officially one of my best friends. So weird right? This blog world is kinda like match.com for straight women seeking women to dish about a great handbag or the hot guy with the Mohawk from Glee (SWOON!). Tell me that hot piece of singing man meat isn't just delicious!

I have to admit, while I know Summer is my SFAM and my soul mate, I also have anxious butterflies building in my stomach. Will she like me? Am I what she is expecting? What if she doesn't think I'm as funny in person? She's totally going to be disappointed when she hears the massive decibel level of my burps. Bah! what if my cat shits on her bed... that'll be really embarrassing.

Regardless of the insurmountable nerves that are creeping up on me like a bad case of the itch for Paris Hilton, I am super duper excited to officially meet my best friend. My soul sista. My where have you been all my life lady.

Have you had an opportunity to meet some awesome people through this little corner of the world?

In the mean time, thank you, dear Lacey, for allowing me to guest post on your blog. You are super adorable and I hope that we can have the chance to meet soon too! And I promise to not let my cat shit on your bed.

17 love notes:

  1. Ahhhhh! It's just like Brooke and I! LOVE IT! You guys are going to have the best time and feel like you've known each other for years!!!

  2. It's unpossible for Summer not to fall in straight-woman love with you, just like everyone else that knows you.

  3. If your cat craps on Summer's bed I am going to need that to be documented. You gals have fun! Can't wait to hear all about the trouble you 2 get in!

  4. I feel you! I am meeting mt two BBFFs in March for a girly girl weekend!!

  5. I am so emotional today - in a good way. I love my Krissy! I do. I do. I also love Lacey, my sweetness from my homestate. These two girls on one blog = WOW!!!!!

    PS - I'm nervous too!


  6. YEYEYEY!!!! lizzzzpannnnts!!!! it is just like us!!! awwww....that was the BEST weekend!!! kristen i am so so so SOOOOOOOOO excited for you and summer...hopefully it all just falls into perfect place when your eyes lock at the airport and you double over in laughter because you honestly are like um.duh there you are and always have been! it'll be AMAZING!!!! YEY!!!! seriously love you lady....eeek!!! friday come soon!

  7. You're hilarious! And yes, he the glee boy is pretty hot... lol

  8. me and my lacey poo!!!

    Aweee, Lacey....

  9. Ahhhh, I love this post!! Match.com for women...loves it!!

    And seriously, the mohawk guy from Glee...I fell in love with him last week!!

  10. Guest posts are always so much fun. Good luck on your date. I just met a some of my favorite blogging peeps and it was fantastic.

  11. Oh, yes yes yes. I've met so many friends through blogging. It's impossible for anyone else to understand. I would have the same butterflies; but I know you'll be IRL friends in an instance.


  12. I think that's gonna be fun. I;m close with several people I know from blogging too :)

  13. Hi Lacey! Sorry to barge in like this on your blog, but I heart Kristen :)
    And YOUR blog is so cute, how have I now been here before???

    Kristen, there's no way Summer's going to be anything but in love with you. Sooooo excited for you guys, it's finally happening!

  14. Excellent post. I look forward to hearing more of the Summer story too.

  15. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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