Thursday, October 15, 2009

They call me Girl, they call me Stacy, they call me Her, They call me Jane...

Big ups to The Ting Ting's for those lovely lyrics as my title :) It's a good song to run to, add it to your workout playlist.

It's story time boys and girls!

Gather round! Indian style, y'all!

My parents had no idea they would name me Lacey until after they had me. My Mom said I just looked like a Lacey. I whole heartedly agree. I can't imagine having any other name! Speaking of, my name was ALMOST Lacy instead of Lacey. When my parents filled out the papers to be sent to the big dogs, my Mom spelled it "Lacy"... well, after she handed it over, she decided she preferred "Lacey". What was done was done & I was to forever be Lacy. Well, one fine day, my birth certificate arrived in the mail. My Mom opened her up and scanned it & Heavenofheaven's, there it was...
You may be like, "Big deal, same name!" Well, I love that E. I love that it almost wasn't there and that the Birth Certificate Gods shined upon my Mom & screwed things up! I just don't feel like a Lacey without the E.

But apparently, the first 6 months of my life... I was totally okay with it.

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10 love notes:

  1. That's neat how the mistake turned out to be what was really right. Here's the link to my writers workshop post about my mom:

  2. that was really interesting to read!

  3. Moms fret that the name they choose fits the kid, that that same kid will actually like their name...looks like Mom done good!

  4. What a neat story! I agree, I like the E!

  5. What a cute story! you were totally meant to be with an E!

    I have something for you over at my blog. Come visit!

  6. this story...i am INSANE over how things...well names are has to be different or unique...and i love old fashion names with a variance on instead of emily...emmaleigh...and i love love love the e!!

    this epicness NEEDS to happen!

  7. Without that e, would we even be BFF's?!?

    I love that e, never ever lose that e.

  8. Awwww!! Love the E of course!

    And the Ting Tings are in my head now! HA

  9. Thats a cool story! I convinced my kindergarten teacher that my name was spelled "Mollie" and it was on my graduation certificate like that!


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