Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep fried chicken?

Your best friend always stickin' up for you... even when I know you're wrong?

(That's right... those random Train lyrics from '01, do indeed mean that today is going to be one of those lovely random days! Who doesn't love those?)
Sometimes when I'm a bit looped on Robitussin... I wonder if Big Brother is watching me through my webcam. It creeps me out to the point where I close my computer.
If you have kids... GO HERE & make them a video message from Santa! It's SO cute :) It's a personalized message where a real life ;) santa says their name, state, hair color & what they want for Christmas. It even shows a picture of them!
My nephew was just giddy over it! I promise your kiddo will be too!That's him... the big guy himself ;)
I think Suri Cruise is precious. I think she(usually)dresses precious.
I'm a little creeped out by these heels her Mom keeps putting her in.

I mean, really? Does she need the extra boost? I don't understand. She would look like a doll in some little flats. Don't you get me wrong now... I had about 4 different pairs of little play high heels when I was a wee one. But Hello, keyword: PLAY. Also, I'd love to get my hands on her hair and pull it out of her face!
My loverboy's feet are back on the ground & he's safe and sound in Kansas City for the next few days. Thankful that he had a safe flight & am ready to see him again soon!
It's brrr brrr cold there right now... but it's pretty brrr brrr cold here too!
I'm watching a That 70's Show Christmas episode on ABC Family right now & ugh,
I love this show. It never gets old! & That 70's Show + Christmas? Hello? Perfection.
Why are all of my favorite shows off the air? NOT COOL.
Alright my lovies, enough of my randomness for one day!
I'll go ahead and finish that chorus for you now...
ahem, ahem, ahem...
me, me, me, me, meeeeeeee
(warming up... clearly.)

Can you imagine no first dance, freeze-dried romance, five hour phone conversations... ...the best soy latte that you ever had & me?

[b/c surely someone will ask... it's Train-Drops of Jupiter]

11 love notes:

  1. I love that song. I love love love it. So old school.

    cute pics, haha... glad your boy is home safe :)

    Eww thats creepy she is in heels... thats SAD

  2. You look so adorable in those pictures. Jealous! Lol.

    Not only kids actually, I would love to get personalized message by santa. It looks fun, and I agree with you that 70s show is definitely still one of my favorite shows ever. Esp. The first few seasons.

  3. The movie from Santa looks so cool/ My son would love it! I cant find the link though...

  4. I agree- I've been a bit creeped by the heels too. I understand all girls love heels, but I have yet to buy my daughter her first pair of "real" heels which even at her age only consists of an inch maybe, but still. And she's almost 10! So yeah, a little much for a what- 4 year old?

  5. I do think seeing one or two pictures of Suri Cruise in heels is cute. But it seems like every picture lately she's been wearing them. I can't see how that can be good for her feet when she's still so little.

  6. On Halloween, my 4 year old neice INSISTED on wearing her pink plastic princess heels with her mermaid outfit. Her mom brought her sneakers along, thinking that she'd hate the heels in two blocks. Nope...she walked for 2 hours in those toy shoes!
    I'm guessing that's what's going on at the Cruise household.

  7. Love that song, and didn't need to know what it was cuz I already knew! One of my old favs.

    Suri's heels really creep me out too. Her feet just look WRONG in them! I miss the old Katie Holmes. The Joey Potter Katie Holmes... sigh on discontinued shows...

    ~ Jen

  8. Ahhhh, I missed you Lacey Loo Who. =)

    You must be so glad your man is back & your BBB is back, so life may go on as normal.



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