Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'd Lick That

Click the picture to visit the site they come from!

I actually have this print & saw Brooke had a tee like it in one of her recent posts & now I think I sort of need it.

Hello Gorgeous! Imagine the pretty pretty pics I could take with this bad boy. & It has a name! I wouldn't even have to give it one! Mr. Pink :) This particular one I've been eyeing up at Urban Outfitters, but of course! It's kind of so cute that I'd want to take pictures of it. Oh the irony.
I need some black heeled boots in a bad way. Love my black slouchies, but sometimes a sister needs to step it up, ya know? These are from They have some seriously cute shoes!

I've never been a die hard Mignon Faget(min-yon faj-a) lover like many Louisiana ladies, but I've loved this one for years. I think it's b.e.a.utiful! & I think their size five actually fits my finger! I usually can't get rings that come pre-sized b/c I wear a 4 and nobody makes them. BOOOOO on that!

Things I would have licked in the past: (haha)

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  1. Alrighty, those words *might have* fallen out of my mouth the other day. The hubs was so confused and thought I was weird!

    Love those boots! My wedding ring is a 3 3/4, so I feel your tiny finger pain. Statement rings are hard to find!

  2. first of all the boots yes.
    and your title reminded me of Lat night w Jimmy Fallon's lick it for ten. ever heard of it. lol

  3. Ah, I'd "lick" those boots too ;) So lovely! As is your blog!

    xox, K

  4. oh yeyeyey!!! love my is so soft and washes perfect every time and it would look oh so cute on you!!! hope you get it!!!

    and the boots camera and ring?!?! perfect list lady!!

  5. Loving the boots and that tee!!! They are definite must haves!

  6. That teeshirt is fabulous!!!! You're so cute.

  7. OH. I love EVERTHING... and that ring is gorgeous! and I have a size 5.5 and it is hard to find something.

  8. i love the boots and the shirt is adorable!!!

  9. thos r all somethings i wud want this christmas (:


  10. loooove the boots! & the shirt! loves it all!

  11. Looooove that ring much.

    Maybe I should be a louisiana lady. lol


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