Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Challenge Update

A little update!
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Day 6:
Start and end your day with prayer.
Today I woke up at 6am... a whole 2 hours after I'd fallen asleep. I was exhausted. I wanted to pray for more sleep, but I had bigger prayers in my heart that day. Please be with my friend... please make her whole. Please lead me with your light and grace. Please keep my friends and family safe and healthy. & if you've got anything left in you... please help me sleep. Those were the key points I hit, but I probably layed there just talking to him in my head for a good 15-20 minutes about it all. It felt good. There was something very peaceful about praying in the morning and being fully there with Him. & then, I shut my eyes and fell asleep. Easily. No tossing, no turning, no thinking... I just slept.
Before I laid down to sleep that night, I basically repeated the prayers from the morning & thanked Him for the blessings of the day.
Day 7:
Find a way to help a stranger.
I went to dinner with a friend at this great Italian restaurant called Nonna Mia & as we were chatting I felt the girl at the next table looking at me. "Nice lady?" she said. (I found that adorable, btw), "Oh me? Uh huh?" I rattled. "Do you happen to have any tylenol or asprin?"
I did. I had 3 Excedrin left. I hate leaving the house without them b/c when I get a headache... it doesn't stop. It works me for all that I am, I tell ya. I've been having lots lately too. I grabbed my bag & said, "Yeah, I do! How many do you need?" I asked. "Uhm, 3?" she said. I poured the remainder into her hand and told her I hoped she felt better.
& I knew that should I get a headache that night, it would have been worth it.

Day 8:
Doing something fun today.
I went shopping :) I got jeans that fit just right, 3 tunics & a skirt for my friend for her birthday...
all for $17
Day 9:
Scratch something off of your to do list!
I did laundry. I know that is a daily chore for some... but i'm 25, single & have alotta clothes, ya heard?
It's always at least 2 weeks between loads of laundry for me. But I'd been avoiding this particular pile of laundry because I knew a shirt of WG's I had slept in was in there. I avoided it like the plague until now. & yeah, it sucked as badly as I thought it would. What am I going to do with it? At least I don't have a ton of reminders of him around here. He has a picture I painted on the wall to the left of his bed, a cross stitch to the wall on the right & a tv on the wall in front of him. Le sigh, probably doesn't effect him like it would me though... ya know, because he's a boy.
Day 10:
Work on patience.
I babysat my 15 month old niece all day. Once she went home my 2 1/2 year old nephew came over & we played dinosaurs & I made him a snack. Then I headed to the gym for playgroup with my 18 month old niece. Then I went to Walmart for groceries.
Seriously, I could have just gone to Walmart for groceries and would have felt like that was practicing enough patience. OH & i got stuck behind THE slowest drivers tonight. I'm the kind of girl who gets mad if you're going the exact speed limit... but seriously, 5-10 under and you're on my shit list.

Not eating sweets has sucked. I accidentally ate a cookie without even thinking twice the other day... whoops. Summer says it's about doing the best you can, so i guess I am doing that.
I've developed a love for frozen berries now since I can't have ice cream. My fav. is the bag of mixed berries, though I just have to toss the strawberries. Not so much interesting in knawing on frozen strawberries... but raspberries and blueberries? Bring 'em on!

Today is day 11... getting close to the end!
Day 11:
No computer in the morning hours.
I can manage that.

Have a great day sugar cakes!
I will be scheduling a post for the morning since I won't be around :)

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  1. Hear you on the laundry, and def. need to work on patients, haha.. love you.

  2. Sounds like you are doing really well! Great job, Lacey. I have to ask, do you pray in the morning and at night daily now? Is it helping? I know praying for patience sometimes helps. :-)

    Yumm... frozen berries. Keep meaning to pick some up at the grocery store, and I keep forgetting. I want to make smoothies in the blender I got for Christmas and haven't used yet!

  3. Me too with the patience! I always feel like I'm not that impatient until I actually conciously try and practice patience. Then I realize just how impatient I really am!

  4. I adore the pics you find for your posts ... they are so sweet!! :o)

  5. I love that you are doing this challenge with Summer, and I hate that I missed the start! Oh, well. Keep up the good work, chica!

  6. You're rockin' the hell out of this challenge, girl! Very proud of you.

  7. my dream is that clock. Maybe, oh, I don't know... 50 years. For now, I'll just use it on the weekends.


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