Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now that I'm single...

Let the games begin!
I figure I may as well reach out to the fellas who make me all meow meow kitty cat like before I start letting commoners have a go at me.
A girl can dream...

Milo Ventimiglia♥
Oh, the things i would do to you.
p.s. you looked hot in that Fergie video... & I totally forgive you for rubbin' all up on her. I get it, it was a job.
Lacey Ventimiglia has a ring to it, no?

Ryan Gosling♥
I know you can sing, why aren't you doing more of that, Mr.?
I mean, I'll sit on your lap either way...
but if you sing me a little song, well,
you may as well start calling me Mrs. Gosling.

How did you get in here?
Old file, I swear.

Michael Buble♥
Yes, you sing beautifully...
but seriously, you are pretty.
Like, really pretty.
I think our babies would be gorgeous.
Call me.
Sam Worthington Pictures, Images and Photos
Sam Worthington♥
I saw Terminator & I have a hoo-ha. That right there is reason enough to call me your own.
But there are other reasons as well... you're just going to have to find them out on your own.

Alright boys, give me a call, shoot me an email
or just show up... whatever!
I'm not picky. You like that in a woman, right? I thought so.
Talk to you soon Lover Boys.
Love Always,
Your Future Girlfriend, Wife or Love Slave
(your pick)

[if by chance these celebrities are in to googling themselves(vain bastards) and find this here post, uhm...
i'm joking.]

But ya' know, nahsomuch really.

& yeah... I totally did add my "I'd lick that" tag to this post :)

19 love notes:

  1. haha...you are too cute! i love it!! hopefully one of them (but i am sure all of them would) will be knocking down your door to sweep you off your feet!! any guy would be an idiot not too!!

  2. I LOVE YOU LACEY. That is hilarious, and extremely fabulous too! You tickle my funny bone...

    And you know... Milo is a total dreamboat... I drool over him in heroes all the time!

  3. hahahaha you are freaking hilarious!!! "I'd Lick that" hahaha well truth is always the best route! and mmmm Milo Ventimiglia..... if you end up his lady you better post LOTS of shirtless photos of him...go to the beach "click" out of the shower "click" hahaha

  4. JTT!!!! I love it! I'd lick Mr. Ventimiglia too. Amen to the single life.

  5. I had to chuckle when I saw the JTT picture :-)

  6. Yummm, Milo. :) You have great taste!

  7. haha this cracked me up, JTT was my very first celebrity crush, I was positive we would be together one day ha
    and Michael is just a BABE LICIOUS BABE

  8. Yum ryan gosling. AWwww JTT i love him.

    your missing:


  9. Ryan Gosling is beautiful! Funny post, Lace... good list!

  10. Ok so here we go again, being, like, the same freaking person! Ive tested out Lacey Ventimiglia too! He and I are both Sicilian! And vegetarians!
    I have looooved Milo forever! since his JESS days on GG!
    Ryan gosling! I adore him, so ideal.
    JTT was so the first poster I hung on my wall!
    No go on the buble but....
    Sam worthington! Yes! I loved him so long ago when he was in sommersault! And now he is everywhere! Glad to know we are still kickin it on the same level Lacey!

  11. LOL!! Totally laughed out load at JTT. I think I used to be in love with him. And Devon Sawa.

  12. JTT? I would have not picked you as a JTT girl? That's okay we all harbor deep obsessions, if I went to a Bon Jovi concert today at 40 I'd still through my panties on stage!
    He's out there......when you least expect it, he will show up and blow you away.
    By the way, if you have any doubt whatsoever it's not him!

  13. Oh, JTT, where have you been hanging out these days?? Meowwww is right!

  14. uh uh girlfriend...sam worthington is MINE!!! get your paws off my aussie!!!!!!!


    JTT? freaking crack me up. can't believe i ever thought he was cute. dang dimples and great family show. loved home improvement!

  15. I could be wrong, but isn't JTT - not straight? I swear I heard that somewhere!

    When I was 13 though? I prayed every night for at least 6 months (No joke) that he and I would end up together forever. I truly believed that we were going to meet and get married. He had a signing in my town once, and I was crushed when my dad wouldn't let me go. I was convinced he had just deprived me from meeting my future husband!

    I look at that Justin Bieber kid now and think "He's the JTT of their generation"!

  16. Thanks girl! I love when I see someone else with my, [well our name in this case haha!]

    oh and Ryan Gosling, I'm right there with you, he is gorgeous :)


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!