Thursday, March 25, 2010


A photo that makes me smile...
[Ever notice how when I'm asked to give a favorite, I give a top five? I'm a rebel, whatcanisay?]
My peek-a-boo baby love.
She is so petite and just pure perfection.
I love her smile and her squinty eyes just like my brother's. :)
The funniest Monkey around. He had me at hello :)
I love his heart. Through and through.
He may always be the man I love the most...
I just wish he's fit in my lap like this forever!
The queen of my heart... and chocolate pudding.
If her personality were any bigger she'd burst!
She sometimes acts a little too much like her "Yay yay"
which I find adorable and terrifying at the same time.
She taught me in her first few months of life what it feels like to love completely selflessly.
That is such a treasured gift. :)
The girls who stand by my side,
We hold one another's hair in our worst moments,
hands in our bad moments
and hearts in each and every moment. :)

The girl who puts it all into perspective,
loves me and all of my flaws,
and makes my life for moving back home for a while :)

{30 days}

12 love notes:

  1. Love are wise beyond your years and your friends look like a ton of fun!

  2. i love all of these pics and well, that puddin face is to die for.

    so glad you have a great group of girls around you. it is very important. count me in as one.

    i adore you,
    summer bear

  3. What a great post!! Love it :o)

    It's so wonderful you have so many people in your life to love and that love you back. The children are simply precious :O)

  4. such a cute post!! who are those kids? i am guessing you nieces and nephew?

  5. oh they are so cute! loove them.

  6. I love those four lines you wrote about your girls! That is just so perfect and true.

  7. Gotta love good girl friends!

  8. you have so many pretty girl friends! I bet you have so much fun... umm slumber party??? heck yess! that's awesome you still do that.


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