Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dream Something Pretty

I'm tired.
That kind of tired that makes it possible for you to bite someones head off in one moment
& cry over complete stupidity the next.
I worked all day & then when I was done I went and bought a bunch of supplies...
which puts me back down in that 'broke as a joke' category until I sell the end product of said supplies.
My work space is a big mess, I have a stack of clean laundry that's begging to be folded
& where am I? In bed, fully clothed, with a face full of day old make up, watching Teen Mom and pretending the only thing on my to-do list is
"Dream something pretty."
My something pretty of choice would be:
A cupcake & a cold beer.
[Hey, to each his own! & Not necessarily together. But back to back? You bet your sweet booty.]
Maybe 2 beers?
But you can have those nuts...
See how good I am at sharing?
Now stop looking at my beer like that.

Happy y'all!
(Yes, I still sound it out like that when I'm spelling it. Thanks to my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Coots for that.]

ppssssstt... has anyone else been having some problems with their comments lately? Blogger will tell me I have 3 comments & when I open them up to accept them, there will actually be like 10 comments. It's weirdness & I'd like it to stop now, kthxbye.

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20 love notes:

  1. I'm that tired too.

    Same exact kind.

    Only I can't crawl into bed and hide.

    Take your time having kids. Seriously. =)

    Now, wheres my email?

  2. Oh my goodness, that cupcake looks so delicious - the color is so pretty!! And the cold beer? Priceless:)

  3. Sometimes all you need to do is lay in bed and veg and forget about that laundry you need to fold and room you need to clean :). Tonight I splurge and drank some Trader Jose and ate some Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch (not together haha)...mmm.

  4. oh my gosh!!
    i still say "veg-E-table" when im spelling it.. because of my second grade teacher!!

  5. I'm so tired but cant sleep! I would love to have that cupcake in my dreams and maybe some vodka or a little jack and coke after :)

    I love the glasses!

  6. Screw the beers - I want those cups ;)

    x, K

  7. Omg I still spell together like to.get.her ... And sometimes I accidently put spaces lol.

  8. My to-do list is really long and getting longer the more time I spend watching biggest loser!
    I like what you're dreaming of and I'll take one of each as well! :)

  9. That cupcake looks so good.

    Im relatively new to your blog,what is the design on your picture and the glass?

  10. I would like to take a bite out of that cupcake right about now! Mmmmmmm. And would you believe that I still sound out too when I spell it! I have my mom to thank for it :) Love you, Lacey love!

  11. I'll take two cupcakes and two beers! Please! Thanks! P.S. I want to lick the foam from the first beer glass.

  12. that cupcake just made me want to start my own little sweets shop! YUM YUM YUM

    i like want to do a whole darn post on it too haha, just THAT cupcake


  13. I feel the same way, and I want that cupcake.

  14. I always have to think feb.r.u.ary? Are you ary?

  15. Can I still join the book love club?!


  16. I feel you, soooo much, worst day ever, cant even go into details without crying my eyes out... cheer up xoxo

  17. I hope you feel better soon! And yes I've been having problems with my blogger and comments too.

  18. Mmmm.... you can keep the cupcake, but that beer looks yummy. And the cup it's in? Adorable. :)

  19. That is certainly a bunch of pretty!

  20. i love love love love love those mustache glasses. love them.

    and i SHOULD have made a "rawr" face--it woulda made that picture EPIC.


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