Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday didn't taste like chicken.

I went and met a guy I went to high school with for coffee tonight.
We didn't know one another really well in high school...
just never had the same classes or crossed paths much.
I guess he was always kind of a mystery to me b/c he dated the same girl for a long time,
and ya know, it's difficult to get to know the opposite sex when they're in a relationship.
I completely understand that concept, because I was in one for about 6 years.
So I knew going into our little coffee date that if nothing else, we had that in common.
We ended up having a lot in common, and I decided it was a shame we didn't know one another better in high school.
Then again, I guess we were different people then. I mean, I'm a different person than I was a year ago.
But it was nice to just sit and talk to him about life and laugh for a while.

One of my favorite topics of the evening?
He's not afraid to wear things that some men would shun.
Bright green pants? He's got em.
I whole heartedly support the green pants movement, because my favorite dress happens to be covered in owls and I know some people think it's hideous... but I love it & it makes me happy.
(Also, Summer told me I'm cool enough to pull it off. Thanks, Sum!)

["Bring your green hat pants!"]

[I name a different owl every time I wear this little lovely, because it makes me giggle. So far we've got Mary Kate... and Ashley. I know, awesome.]

Anyway, it was a good way to end a Monday!
I hope your Monday wasn't too Monday-ish!

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  1. sooooo???????????????

    I'm waiting for the follow up email!

  2. My hubby and I didn't know eachother in high school ... we hung out in different crowds and he was 2 years above me. I met him my senior year at the athletic club I worked at, and we have been together ever since. I think it is funny that I once walked the halls of high school with my future husband!
    The owl dress ... so cute!!!!!

  3. I'm glad you can appreciate the green pants. My boyfriend has these just awful green pants and I just think he looks like a little freak, but I love him anyways ;) So I'm glad someone out there may not think hes a fool for wearing them! (:

    xox, K

  4. dude, literally laughed out loud at the mary kate and ashley note. hahaha. love it.

    and this sounds like it's promising -- even if just for a good relash-friend-ship.

  5. I actually Love that owl dress!

    Seems like your Monday ended up being totally cool ... hope the rest of your week goes as well!

  6. I love the owl dress too! Not so much the green pants.. but they're not awful!!!

  7. Oooooooooooo I'm doing a little excited happy dance for my Lacey not in Love.

  8. i love that dress too haha!

    isn't it weird to sit and think about the people we were a 5 years ago, let alone last year?

  9. Yay for the nice time with the fella.

    Hells ya to his fashion fiesta!

    and girl, you could rock a burlap sack, let's just be real for a minute.

    Keep smiling, Lacey... you SHINE.


  10. I have recently had a few meals with a blast from the past ;)

  11. That is totally awesome!!

    And for that owl dress, if that is the dress...super cute! And as I say "Who cares what others think", right??!!! If it makes you happy, than so what!

  12. Can you name the next 2 owls Thelma and Louise?

  13. my momday was not monday-ish at all and umm hello!! I LOVE that dress and your blog =)

  14. This post just made me grin ear to ear! In case you didn't know, my fiance Spencer and I have known each other since junior high, but we never really got to know each other. We'd nervously say hi but we never really hung out. Now we both admit to having crushes on one another throughout high school....but it wasn't until my senior year of college that we met up for a drink at the local TGIFridays in my hometown that a connection was made. Fashion was actually something WE talked about that night because we are both obsessed with Project Runway and it was a new season at the time. :)
    We often talk about how wierd it is that we never dated all of those years ago, but we also admit that if we had we probably wouldn't still be together. We had to grow and learn things on our own, to have life experiences and date other people who taught us what we were looking for. Now our relationship could never be stronger and we joke about our past. An example...last night when we were cooking macaroni and cheese and I laughed and said..."Yaknow 10 years ago I never would have imagined us cooking macaroni and cheese together in our kitchen....I may have made macaroni and cheese and wished you were there though!"

    Life happens for a reason! Keep us updated!!!

  15. That sounds exciting, girl!!

    If anyone can pull off an owl dress, its you!

  16. thanks so much for the comment on my blog. yours is SO cute.

    and i agree, it can be really difficult to get to know the opposite sex while either you or they are in a relationship. it really sucks that its like that.

  17. LOL green pants? BRAVO!:D

    I don't think I can pull that off.

  18. Is this you in the picture??
    I love the image:)

    Thanks for linking up today,
    have a super blessed day!
    ❤ D


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