Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Geishas deserve happiness too!

Ya'll... I was just chit chatting with the lovely Rasha.
[Say it with me: RAY-SHA]
(A little tid-bit... when I think of Rasha, I call her "Rasha Girl" in my head :)
Rasha Girl, like Geisha Girl!)

Anyway, she seems to be having a bit of a pain in the butt of a week...
she's got some negativity on her brain & I just want to wash it away.
& Do you know why?
Well, yes... because she's precious and I love her,
but also b/c tomorrow is her birthday!

Her 21st Birthday!

So today, do me a favor and head over to Rasha's and leave a happy little something in her comment box to make her smile!

Here's my contribution to your smiles, Rasha :)

Babies, puppies & kittens= Pure happiness, right?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
[C'mon and do the humpty hump]

For those of you who emailed me, the answer is:
Yes... he does just so happen to be a hottie mc'hot pants.
[hottie mc'hot green pants to be exact.]

But no pressure, right? I hate pressure.

16 love notes:

  1. shes the best.. as well as you. (: have a gud day... or night.


  2. love that little baby's face. i want to smooch it.

    :) happiest day to you sweet pea.


  3. First off, thank you for writing this post this is just the cutest little shout out ever and I love you so much. Sorry that you were able to sense the negativity in my talk... just some bad news, but things will work out... You're the best! I honestly, love you and you're the funnest person ever and I love that you think Rasha girl like geisha girl.

    That baby, dog and cate, are SOooo cute... Pure happiness forrrr sureee. add you in the mix and its perfection.

    Secondly, I guess technically my birthday is tomorrow, cause it's wednesday where you are, but its still Tuesday here for me, so I got a little confused, haha... I was like, Lace face, its Thursday silly girl, but now it all makes sense, Im slow, give me a break haha.

  4. i was having a rough night and reading this and looking at those pictures made it a little more bearable. :)

    thanks lacey!

  5. I happened to see his green pants(Facebook, ya know)! Mc'Hot pants....TRUE story!

  6. thank you for the blog comment. made me smile. looking forward to more posts from you on your blog. its great :) x

  7. how sweet was this!?

    those pics made ME happy

  8. gahh, that baby's face is too cute!!

    and i have my gorgeous hat! i'll take pics soon!! :)

  9. Who wouldn't smile seeing those?

    You're awesome!

  10. this is so sweet of you! smiles totally make girls the prettiest!

    oh and im so sorry for the gross entry about the balut. i was contemplating whether i should post it but i thought... eh... what the heck you know?! might as well. you don't get these kinds of post that often.

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you today on my blog!! :)

  12. Super cute pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely words...I happy to think your blog is fabulous as well! I am glad you found me. :)


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