Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have A Seat

Hey Y'all!
First, can I just say that I've been missing you?
Because I have :)

& Second... are you ready for a little chair re-do action?
You are?
GREAT, cause that's what I've got for ya!
Are we on the same page, or what?

I scooped this old gal up from GW [Goodwill, y'all] for $2.99!
I liked that she had a little bit of curve, but wasn't TOO dainty.

I started by taking her seat cushion off, because uhm...EW.

It was discolored and funky and I was afraid of what was waiting for me under there!
4 screws later and that bad boy was on the ground.

As you can see, I had good reason to be frightened of what was lurking under that lovely brown embossed faux leather. Ick.
To save you from having to look at that nastiness anymore, whatdaya say we go ahead and recover that funk?

There you go! Crisp, clean white! You can't go wrong.
Ready to paint? Me too.
I sanded it down just a tad first!

My favorite part to paint on chairs is the underside, because it gives the best views :)
Not a cloud in the sky! The weather has been amazing here.

I waited a day to make sure she was good and dry, and then I reapplied her clean new cushion!

Wowsa! See? She just needed a little makeup and a new outfit!

Chair: $2.99 at GW
Fabric: $1.00 in remnant bin at fabric store
Paint: Free! Glidden- Robin's Egg
Sometime last year I found a link on a decor blog abt taking a survey on Glidden's website and in return they would send you free paint! DEAL!
TOTAL: $3.99 + 3 hours


Visit thecsiproject.com

34 love notes:

  1. very cute, it makes me want a DIY project :-)

  2. lacey loo. i love it. i love that blue too! you are the bestest.

  3. great work!! it looks really really good, and the blue is so cute! well done! love it!

  4. Lace, that looks fabulous! I am in love with that blue! You are so craftastic!

  5. i love it!
    i have that same free pint of Glidden robin's egg paint sitting at my house!!!

    YOU have INSPIRED me!


    love it sweet pea!

    so glad to see you ♥

  6. ooooh how smart! i love it, it's super cute! :)

  7. Good job girlfriend, you rock, free paint....really?

  8. that is the cutest chair, I love it!!!!

  9. Good job:-)

    P.S. I have a surprise for you on my latest post girly:-)

  10. it's beautiful!! love it =)

  11. I love it! And the pillow :-) You did a great job!

  12. Wow amazing!! That is so cute. Seriously wish I had any talent such as that!!

  13. Lacey darling it's stunning! xo Lacy

  14. LOVED what you did with it!!

  15. Lacey, that is really cute!! I also love that pillow on it!!

  16. Awesome! Any idea on how to recover an ottoman (fabric) I have one but don't have a clue of where to start...help!!

  17. come remake all my chairs!! :) it's SO CUTE.

  18. GORGEOUS!!!! as always your talent blows me away!!!!

    and if you like the little pretties in my home stay tuned a lot of them will be making their way to ebay very soon!!!

    thanks for the compliment lady!!! it made my afternoon!!

  19. how cute and extremely affordable :)

  20. That is sooo cute! I had the most craptastic GW in Cali, so I hope Virginia has better things a-waitin on me!

  21. You are ahhhhmazing and talented, and I actually believe that I may be able to do something of the same one day. =)

    You inspire me girlee.

  22. you are so creative! i should have you come help me decorate my room. it is in need of some accessories!

  23. That's a great idea. I need to do this to my chairs. They look baaadddd. Thanks for the design inspiration. :)


  24. That's a great idea. I need to do this to my chairs. They look baaadddd. Thanks for the design inspiration. :)


  25. What a great little investment! It turned out so cute


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