Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nuggets, Egg Blowing & The Incredible Hulk

Easter was just lovely...

My day was spent:
Helping hunt for eggs

[he was in it to win it]

[she had no interest]

[& she took her sweet time]

Dying eggs with my favorite nuggets
Some of us are over achievers and want to make an egg so lovely it's kept forever,
so we take the time to hollow it out...

[this is my, "Did you really think I'd let you see me blowing this egg?" face]
& Some of us dye our hand green and call it a day!

Swinging with the girls

[& then claiming that bad boy as my own mid-afternoon for a nap!]

& Then once most of the family had cleared out, I claimed that swing once again to snuggle up to and laugh endlessly with the fella that I'm going a little ga-ga over.

It was a day full of perfect little moments!
You can't really ask for more than that.


Thanks for your comments on my chair re-do! You're all so sweet!
I really couldn't be happier with it!
For those of you who think you can't do that project, you're a bunch of sillies! I know you can totally do this! Yes, I'm talking to you!

& the pillow some of you are crushing on? Well, I made it , of course ;)
You can get your own oh-so-very-soon, in the form of a "Holy cow, 300 people want to read about me? Giveaway"! Get pumped, gals and guys!

18 love notes:

  1. OK - those are some perfect little doll children. I love them!

    And I love that you are all twitterpated with someone new... kind of gives me butterflies FOR you! :)

  2. Love your Easter story sooo cute!

    The chair turned out sooo great ... girl you got talent ;)

  3. those kids are priceless!!!! Looks like a great easter

  4. i know for a FACT that i would never get the art of blowing the yoke out of an egg would most definitely break...i know it! but where is your end result?? i want to see this fabulous egg!!! and i want to nap on that swing...and my final want...i want to hear more about this fella!!!!

  5. aww your family is adorable :)

  6. awww love that last picture! so cute

  7. That second pic could be YOU!! She looks just like you!

    So where is this work of art egg??

  8. Perfect Easter...what could be better.

  9. Very cute children :D I wanna hug all of them! Such fun Easter celebration too.

  10. It's really really corny but I have to say this. Lacey and New Man sitting in the swing. K-I-S-S-I-N-G, swings are great for this, trust The Bumpkin.

    Now I'm off to do another little happy dance for you. This time in 3 inch heels, could be a disaster waiting to happen!

  11. sounds like time well spent. love the title of your post by the way - super random. of course i had to check it out!

  12. oh my gosh! the picture of the "uninterested" little girl...SOOOOOO CUTE!!! looks like a postcard!

  13. What precious kids! Little boogers like that just make my heart melt! And your new guy is apparently making yours melt :) I love it! And you!


    && happy 300 followers! that's great :)

  15. I wanna see how your egg turned out! Because you're quite the artistic lady!

    AND I'm the crush of the week?!!! HECK FREAKING YES. That makes my thus far craptastic week so much better.

    {And I'm excited about your twitterpation.}

  16. those little nuggets are to die for!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!