Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm No Fool

Note to self:
Don't believe anything you are told today.

(I don't know what that picture has to do with anything... but I liked it!)

Sorry I haven't been around to visit you much!
I've been busy, y'all.
I will catch up one lazy day... just haven't had one of those days this week!
My time has been occupied by a few different lovely things
& I honestly can't complain!

I did a chair re-do yesterday & took pics throughout the process for you :)
I'll share sometime next week!
Have an amazing weekend and a fabulous Easter!!

5 love notes:

  1. :) no fool's for me today either. ;)

    can't wait to see the chair re-do!

    xo pretty!

  2. I understand. I've been the same way.

    Have a FABulous Easter also!

  3. Did you see that google pretended to change their name to Topeka? It was cute!!!

  4. The photo made me laugh, every hero needs a helper!!!

  5. it's no fools land here!!!

    happy easter weekend :)


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