Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You

You all are seriously sweet. I haven't been dealing with this stuff super recently,
so yes, I am absolutely fine my sweets! But to be honest, I've been fine the entire time. The second I made the decisions I did, I was fine. I was completely comfortable in them. It was more of a relief than anything. You know me... I follow my heart.
So I'll just keep on following it... because I trust that.
Thank you all for your support & love. I fancy myself extremely lucky to have each and every one of you in my world :)

So, we covered my "new and exotic" relationship... WG.
We covered my "old and familiar & brings up lots of questions" relationship ... The Ex.

Now, let's talk about my "bring you somewhere unexpected, far from where you started, bring you back" relationship...


6 love notes:

  1. deep breath.
    chin up.
    remember all of your blessings.
    you, my dear, shine.

  2. You're loved, dear.:) i wish you happiness and the best of things, Lace...in life and relationship.

  3. love that quote and love you

  4. Ahhh, that quote looks oddly familiar. Love it! :)

  5. I love the quote! Keep your head up girl :)


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!