Sunday, April 25, 2010

The week's end

A long, fun weekend was had...
& I'm all sun kissed and stupid in love.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.

How was your weekend?
Tell me all about it lady cakes.

12 love notes:

  1. Cute pic! I can't wait to hear about it. My weekend was pretty good. :)

  2. So glad that our Louisiana rain didn't interrupt your Jazz Fest loves.

  3. Dancing around singing Lacey's in Love, Lacey's in Love. Sun kissed today, tanned hot mamma tomorrow.
    Me too, bought to have to pull out the darker makeup.

  4. Oh, my weekend was great and full of good times, love and new friends, but I'm exhausted! LOL! So glad you had a great weekend -- can't wait to hear all about it -- and that picture is great! So expressive of how you are feeling.

  5. You're so pretty!!!! Please tell us all about being in love!

  6. sounds awesome, tell us more! (bout the love that is...)

    and my weekend was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! It was my sweet 16 party. :)

    i just posted about it if you wanna check it out. :)


  7. Awwww, sun and love... How beautiful.

  8. Uh oh! Somebody's smitten. :)

  9. Cute pic my love, i just loveeeeeeee laying out.

  10. Can't wait to hear more!!

    Mine was filled with yard work but all that hard work paid off and now I have a beautiful yard!

  11. You tease!!! Mine was spend avoiding horrid weather and looking/dreaming at houses.


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