Monday, April 26, 2010

All That Jazz

Spring in Louisiana is a lovely time. It brings on two things that all Louisianians look forward to...
Crawfish boils and New Orleans Jazz Festival.

While I have yet to enjoy any crawfish this season, The Mr. and I did thoroughly enjoy Jazz Fest on Saturday. It was a muddy mess from the rain on Friday, but we were lucky enough to not encounter any rain Saturday. I came prepared with rainboots & plastic backed blankets. The Mr. went it hippie style and braved the mud barefoot. After all, if there is any time to show your inner hippie, it's Jazz Fest.

[my man gives good kissy face, no? The cure for kissy face is to smush your kissy face against their kissy face. I'm a pro.
The Mr.'s friends couldn't hang and had to take a snooze :)]

[rockin' the rain boots] [letting our bones be lazy together]
[survey says: I wore the coolest footwear]

Ridiculous lover montage:
1) I look naked and happy 2)He WAS half naked and happy

3) "Show me manly babe" (& Yes, I did make him use an Australian accent while drinking that Fosters beer.)
4) Super Sunny saturated with a flash
[some of us were a little more showey than others... cough-MR.-cough]

We saw many acts, including My Morning Jacket, Better Than Ezra, Cowboy Mouth, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, Bonerama & Papa Grows Funk. It was an amazing day!
If you ever get the chance to visit New Orleans during Jazz Festival... JUMP ON IT!
& shoot me an email, cause i'm comin' too!

:) & That's how you spend a Saturday, ladies and gents

Sunday was lovely as well. I went and watched The Mr.'s soccer game, visited with my Granddaddy, grabbed dinner, watched Amazing Race(anyone else addicted?) & then snuggled up and spent some more quality time with The Mr.

A weekend of perfection, I tell you!

22 love notes:

  1. looks like a blast! wish I could have been laying in grass hanging out this weekend :)
    ps. fellow amazing race addictee right here..soo good.

  2. Perfection that's wonderful.

  3. i love how insanely happy you look in all of these!!! i'll tell ya...the mr. looks good on you!!!

  4. Aww you two make a really cute couple!

  5. JazzFest! I didn't realize you were a nola blogger :)

  6. Oh this post makes me smile and brings back such happy memories of attending Jazz look adorable and looks like a great time was had by all! I would love to be laying on a blanket listening to that wonderful music too! xox ENJOY!

  7. You look so beautiful and happy in these pictures! Glad you had a good weekend.

  8. Sounds like a blast! I too love jazz. :O)

  9. Crawfish!!! Yummy!

    The Mr. is a hottie and you are totally Amy Adams in The Time Travelers Wife in that lying down shot! Gorgeous, I tell ya!

  10. YOU Look so effing cute and happy.. and the mr is so cute too!

  11. You guys are so adorable! Looks like great fun, mud and all!

  12. sounds like a blast! you two are really cute together!

  13. such cute pics! what a lovely mr you've got there.

    and yes - obsessed with the amazing race, weekly. i hope the cowboys win!

  14. You're too cute with your tube top, rain boots and giant sunglasses! Good look, Lacey. :-)

    Um, and your Mr. is GORGEOUS! Hot stuff for my hot lady. So glad you are happy because you two make the perfect couple I think.

  15. I've been living in Louisiana 4 years now and still haven't made it down to Jazz feast. But I have had crawfish already this season

  16. Sounds like an amazing weekend! You & the Mr look so cute and happy together. :)

  17. Your hair looks really light. You really look alot like Charlotte in these pics!

  18. So fun!! And seriously, you guys are the cutest!!! Oh, how I miss those early in love days. =)

  19. Why must you tease me with your Mr? NOT fair of you!

  20. Looks like you had a fun time at the Jazz Festival, Lace and what a fun blog!

    Liesl :)

    P.S. I love how you call your man "The Mr."...too adorable! :)

  21. This weekend looks phenomenal and I am pretty sure I just fell in love with your blog!


    Hannah Katy


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