Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Worry...

- to take a day off to lay by the pool with friends & drink margaritas before noon

- to think your boyfriend is just as hot as your celebrity crushes

- to cancel your plans for the night & stay home to blow bubbles with your niece instead

- to make a point to eat Subway instead of something crappy for you & then follow it up by eating half of a Butterfinger

-to go see a Miley Cyrus movie(yes, she looked like a duck throughout) at the age of 25... (but you're going to to have to hire a kid to sit with you if you want to see that new Ramona & Beezus movie coming out in a few months.)

- to bribe your nephew with candy for kisses (just don't do this with stranger kids... that's called a felony)

- to swear that you look better naked than in a bikini(naked doesn't cut into your hips, youknowwhatimean?)

- to not root for anyone on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars

- to watch Teen Mom and feel preeeetttyyy darn good about yourself

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  1. Hahah I LOVE the teen mom one! and the rest are awesome too! have a great day!

  2. I almost threw up in my mouth when you talked about Miley...seriously!

    But then you made up for that in saying that you look better naaaa-ked then in a bathing suit...cause so do I! Why can't they make bathing suits that fit like our bra and panties? Maybe because if we went in the ocean, a wave would knock them off?

  3. agreed on all accounts! and it's ok to eat 2 bowls of warm brownies and ice cream right? right.

  4. maybe i'm twelve, but that button made me laugh so hard it's ridiculous.

  5. You are so cute.
    Love all of these :)

  6. i totally know what u mean by 16 & pregnant!! that show makes me cry everytime, the girls are so clueless!

  7. This TOTALLY reminds me of the 100% Guilt-Free Pages in Glamour magazine. I collect those page,s btw. Love it!

  8. I am a serious worrier..like lose full nights of sleep worrying about pointless things..i love this sooo much! Thanks lovey!!

  9. i want to see the ramona movie! :)

  10. Teen Mom...drives me crazy!
    And Ramona...wow.

  11. maybe you should just find a nude beach. hehe. im pretty certain i would rather go out in shorts and a t-shirt or nothing. forget the inbetween crap.

    i haven't seen the miley cyrus movie, but totally would love to!

  12. I'm definitely looking to hire a kid to go see the Ramona movie with me. I used to LOVE those books growing up

  13. dude.. miley? comeonnow!! jk jk i saw it too.. almost died though. yuck.

    but the rest of your list i think is totally ok.

  14. Ohthankyoujesus. I'm glad to see you already saw the Miley Cyrus movie. I was losing sleep wondering when I was going to have to go with you. Secondly...you wrote a post called "whatever happened to pogs?"...and I for that, I love you.

  15. This is why I love you Lacey in Love, these laughs you give me, on an average kind of day, and by the way Missy, he is as hot as a celebrity, nice catch there darling! Easy does it!


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