Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, you are lovely!

It's Friday, I'm in Love

[photo is linked]
This bed. I'm so in love with it. I'm quite sure my life won't be complete until I have one just like it. I like the bedding a lot too... but the bed? Oy, it makes my heart pound.
[if this looks familiar, it's because i've shared it with you before]
I told The Mr. about it the other night & he said(without even seeing it first) that "What baby wants, baby gets." [I happen to love that too.] I know he'll like it though! Right babe? You love it and can't wait to call it mine (WHOOPS, I mean OURS) someday ;)

Speaking of... I love him. Love, love, love him.
He is the cutest, isn't he? I think I'll go smooch on his face now.
& Those little girls? Oof, gorgeous. If they were mine, I'd show them off to you, but they're not! They are his sister's :)

My nephew turns 3 today. I cannot believe it. I literally get teary thinking about how fast he is growing up. [He'll get his own birthday letter post later this weekend though!]
He is having a Cowboy party this weekend at some stables.
My whole family is dressing up! I'm definitely in love with my family dressed as cowboys :)
This "missed connection" on craigslist. What? Am I the only one who hasn't had a missed connection who reads these things? Psh, you're missing out.
Title: Used my port a potty at Endymion Parade
Sexy fairy came in with i think a lion? Smoked a bowl, and you talked about cuddling and made me feel your cold hands. Shot in the dark, but are you out there????

Ohhh Love. You come when we least expect it... & apparently sometimes need to pee, smoke a bowl and rub your hands on strangers.

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

Have an amazing weekend, y'all!

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14 love notes:

  1. Fridays totally rule.
    As does that looks perfect for lazy weekends :)

  2. That bed makes me swoon, I love it! That white/blue bedding is gorgeous against the dark wood! I think the Mr. will love this bed as well. It has that 'I could just stay in bed all day' look about it :) And how freakin' cute is he with the kiddos? Oh, I just die! Happy weekend, Lace!

  3. he is a cutie. smooch him all day long in the bed! little sisters are the best. hee hee.

    um, that missed connection is from NOLA, right? GROSS.

  4. LOVE this bedding! the MR sounds like a real keeper!

  5. okay that bed = true love!!

    and missed connections = my favorite way to pass time!! they are hilarious...and sometimes SAD!!! well at least one i came across this week...think i may go hit some up now!!!

    happy friday love! this weekend i say smooch the boy lots and do the cowboy boots proud!

  6. I'm in love with that romantic bed too! And the bedding, I just want to fall into it and take a Friday afternoon nap!

    And the Mr. is great in his green khakis and yellow polo! So well-dressed.

  7. Uh yes, if you find this bed, please post where to buy it at. It is gorgeous!

    And I laughed out loud at the missed connections. Sadly, in my little town, all the missed connections are "SAW U @ WALMART! R U THERE?" - hah!

    Happy Friday!

  8. You look soo cuet!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bed!!! Where is it from? I want one!

  9. I love that you love him and that you love him awesome!

  10. Love the bed! Super cute how they used a tree stump (to the left) as a table. Rustic!

    Happy FABulous Weekend!

  11. Toooo cute, I love that your in lvoveeee :D

  12. Oh, that BED. I love it too! So...perfect.

    Happy weekend, lovely face!

  13. i heart that bed. i love how dark the wood is. so pretty.

    and i freaking love that port a potty picture. wow. that is a good relationship if you can do that.

  14. oh I've missed you.

    i have totally lost the blogging feeling, and have almost just fallen off the blog earth. =/ Ugh.

    But, I love how happy you are!!!

    You deserve an amazing guy, and I think you finally found him!


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