Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Love Club

Dear Book Lovers,
It's been a while, right?
Possibly too long. 2 months may have ended up being too big of a bite.
Maybe we'll try for a month and a half this time?
That's right, I said THIS TIME.
That means it's almost time to ship the book you were sent 2 months ago off to your book buddy & wait patiently for your new read to show up in your mail box!
JUNE 10th is the mail date!
(meaning, try to get it in the mail by the 10th... before is fine too)

Stay Sexy ;)

7 love notes:

  1. I agree 2 months is too long! It kinda gets forgotten... but maybe a month and a half

  2. Agreed- too long. I have to find the book now........
    Hmmmm.......I think my house ate it ;)

  3. I so regret not seeing your post about this until it was too late to join in! If you start another one of these up, I want in! :)

  4. hmmm thisis a good idea, wait how does it work!?

  5. Fabulous! Yeah I kinda forgot too, BUT am super excited for my next one:-)

  6. So I haven't gotten my book yet...I sent an email to my partners, and nobody has responded :( Maybe you could send out an email to remind people that it's time to read the second book?


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