Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mr. & Me & Andy McKee

This guy:

& I:

Went on a sweet mid-week date to see this guy:

& It was lovely.

He kissed my forehead, told me I was the prettiest girl in the room & made me smile lots.
I kissed his lips, told him he was the most handsome guy in the room & made him smile lots.
Then we walked down the street hand in hand and sat at Cafe Du Monde and talked over coffee and beignets.

It was the perfect Wednesday night ♥

11 love notes:

  1. adorable.
    and Cafe Du Monde = best.

  2. Oh how lovely!!! I think Spencer and I are in need of a fabulous date night :)

  3. That is the sweetest! Reading this made me smile :)

  4. LOVE it ♥
    Spontaneous dates in the middle of the week are the best!!! Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful time. You're just too cute :)

  5. sounds so lovely! Mid week dates are wonderful :)

  6. Sounds like the perfect night! :-)

  7. aww how sweet.


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