Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love (Love) Movies

Hi, all you Lacey In Lovers! This is Ali from The Way I See It. I'm just subbing in for our Lace today while she continues to float on cloud 9 with her Mr.

In my opinion, guest posts are tricky. You are so excited to take over someone's blog for a day, but then you're all, um...what the heck do I write about?

Or maybe that's just me.


I was wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea of what to write today, when it hit me: Lacey's blog name doesn't lie; the lady's got a thang for love.

Which is why I found it all too appropriate (not to mention fun!) to present to you my top 5 favorite movies that have to do with -- you guessed it -- love.

Ali's Top 5 List of Love-ly Movies

1) William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Cliche? Maybe. But putting the story itself aside, Baz Luhrmann's version is so beautifully done and so unique. Not to mention Leo and Claire Danes have amazing chemistry. Hot damn.2) Dirty Dancing
Don't eeeeven get me started on this one. My sister and I were about 5 and 8 (respectively) when we managed to sneak this movie past our parents, resulting in us pleading for dancing shoes just like Baby's. To this day, if this movie's on, you can bet I'll be staying put until Patrick Swayze (literally) sweeps Jennifer Grey off her feet one last time.3) Say Anything
Let's face it: don't we all wish we had a Lloyd Dobler in our lives? He's the ultimate romantic, and that famous boom box scene just kills me every time. This is, in my opinion, one of the best young love movie classics, period. And how is it that John Cusack still looks so good?4) When Harry Met Sally
This film brings up the age old question: can guys and girls really be just friends? While I'm still not sure about the answer to that one, I do know that this movie is so freaking cute/funny/timeless. Meg Ryan + Billy Crystal = perfection.
5) The Bridges of Madison County
No, I do not in any way condone cheating on your significant other. I do, however, 150% approve of the chemistry between this sad woman and the man that brings her back to life when her husband is away. And while movies based off of novels often do not live up to their accompanying literature, I think this one absolutely does.

Do I have more picks? Of course I do, but that would take another 10 or so posts, and I'm afraid my time is up. Thanks for having me, Lacey girl!

Now you tell me: what are your favorite love-ly movies?

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9 love notes:

  1. Great guest post. I'm always a fan of movie posts. LOL.

    "Dirty Dancing" is a classic love movie. My wife really likes "Serendipity" as well.

  2. Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite movie! I've seen it hundreds of times I'm sure!

  3. ali! say anything is the bestest ever. just like you. and laceybear.

  4. Great picks, Ali! I've seen them all except "Bridges of Madison County" and I want to read the book first (of course).

  5. Great post. I love all your choices!

  6. LOVE Romeo+Juliet & Dirty Dancing, if only I had them on DVD rather than VHS :-)

  7. TOTALLY agree in the first 4 - so good! I haven't seen The Bridges of Madison County so I guess I better add it to my netflix queue.

  8. Great post! You have a great list, but my number one pick would definitely be 'The Notebook'!


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