Thursday, October 27, 2011

Been there... done that!

22 things I have done:

22.  Snuck into a sold out concert, was then invited to stand on the side of the stage so I could see better and then invited to hang out with the band after the concert... all sans wristband.  [I didn't do the groupie on a bus thing, no worries!]

21.  Been a bridesmaid... 7 times.

20.  Fallen in love.

19.  Had my heart broken.  Bad. Over and over again.

18.  Told the girl at the Starbucks drive through I love her. [I might have to go confess my love for another coffee shop employee today... it's going to be a long one!]

17.  Met bloggy peeps.

Daphne, Me, Summer, Trish, Julie 

16.  Written "In case something happens to me" letters.  I'm kind of morbid sometimes.

15.  Seen every single episode of Gilmore Girls.  Many times.  Over an over.  Never gets old to me!

14.  Cried my eyeballs out and had an hour long conversation with my Aunt's head stone... 15 years after she passed away.  My heart never stops missing her & wishing she were here.

13.  Learned the difference between alone and lonely.

12.  Sat in the sky deck at the Willis Tower(Sears Tower) & may as well have been lounging on my very own couch.  There was not a tremblin' bone in my body.

11.  Been stuck in the car in traffic with 3 other friends for 8 hours. [Oil spill on the interstate]

10.  Texted an ex while on a date with someone else.  Woof.  I was terrible!

9.  Lived without power for many weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

8.  Taken swing dancing classes.

7.  Dated a guy my Mom forbid me to see. [Word to your Mother: When you tell a teenage girl she can't do something, she will in fact do just the opposite of what you told her.  Even if she knows you're right, she will see things through and let them end on her very own terms.  Mine were the "Frankly, I'm too good for you" terms.  Moms are always right, after all.]

6.  Been mortified.  In elementary school, a trouble maker who had a huge crush on me got up on stage at lunch and sang Achy Breaky Heart and then dedicated it to me.  I can't even see Billy Ray Cyrus on television without feeling the way I did that day 18 years ago.

5. Had a loose tooth knocked out by my brother, who was annoyed with me and was pretending to punch me when I turned and actually caught his fist with my mouth.  He didn't know it was loose and was so afraid I would tell our Mom that he had punched out my tooth that he catered to me the rest of the day! [I totally told her anyway.]

4.  Lost it on a teacher.  She totally deserved it.

3.  Dropped out of a sorority b/c I was told by a "sister" that I had to back out on moving in with one of my best friends(who had switched colleges so we could live together) to move into the sorority house, b/c otherwise some non-sorority member could move in.  I told that girl she could kiss my ass & that, out of the two of us, I was and would always be a better "sister" to my friend than she was to any of her sorority "sisters".  Boo Yah.  I won't go saying the name of the sorority but it sounds like "Hi You" ;)

2.  Been changed forever by the lives of 3 little nuggets.

1.  Found "the one".

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11 love notes:

  1. Great list. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. The picture of the sky deck makes me want to hurl, and I'm just looking at the PICTURE!!! I can't believe you were so calm.


  3. great list. i totally agree with the mom telling you not to do something. my mom still continues to do this.. you'd think they'd learn! xoxo

  4. That picture of the sky deck makes my legs shake and I am not even there! (nor will I ever be, thankyouverymuch) I am a weenie.

    Love your list! especially number one :)

  5. I love this idea! I also love those boots in the Chicago picture. Where did you get them?

  6. THis is too cute. I love you and your so pretty. Might still this idea :)

  7. I totally was cracking up THE WHOLE TIME I was reading this..

  8. A BRIDESMAID 7 times? Holy wah! That's a lot of money on dresses that you may never wear again! HA! But that picture shows some very pretty girls! Some are strapless and some aren't. Interesting!

    I have totally met bloggy friends! It's super fun!

    What did you do for 8 hours in a car and where did you go potty?

    I've kissed an ex while living with a guy (boyfriend). I was bad too.

    #7 is DA TRUTH! I would know. I did the same thing.

    I loved your list! Great idea! I may steal it!

  9. thanks for the sweet note darling! Youre the best! I looooove the picture of you above the city! BEAUTIFUL!

  10. wonderful list! I love reading your blog!

  11. Lacey,

    I just came across you blog, after following a picture and link to your DIY smoothies, and I must say -- I'm smitten with your blog! This was a great post (my favorite thus far).

    Love your quirkiness, honesty, and positive outlook! What a FUN blog! So here's a BIG hello from your newest follower & fan! :)

    Looking forward to all the great posts ahead!

    ~ Katie


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