Monday, April 2, 2012

A Bridesmaid No More

So, you know how my life has kind of seemed like non-stop weddings and wedding events?  Well, a few weekends ago it all came to an end...(okay, kind of- I do still have another friend getting married this spring but it's only family so I won't be attending.  I will be attending the shower and bachelorette party though.  I don't have to plan any of it though, so it doesn't count!)  Meghan got married & I stood right there beside her. Actually, that's a lie! I had the best view in the house b/c for this ceremony I actually stood next to the officiant!  I usually can only see the bride's back and part of the grooms face, so I was quite pleased with my spot this go round!  They had some really beautiful vows that I will have to ask her to share on the blog at some point.  Until then here are a few pictures from the rehearsal, night out and wedding day!
 The Bride & I catching a few snuggles before her big day!
 Amongst my beautiful blonde friends :)
 Her posh wedding dress!  I loved it!
 Mine & MR's piggies clad in formal wear... yes, MR is wearing his mustache socks :)
The camera kind of blurred me and focused on him, but I can't completely blame it.

So do you know what this means?  As of this moment, I am not a bridesmaid!  I can't see being a bridesmaid again on the horizon any time soon and boy, oh boy, does that make me happy!(I actually have a friend who has promised, as much as she would love me to, she won't ask me to be a bridesmaid when she gets married.  I told her she is officially my favorite friend! haha)  As much as I love being there for my friends,  I need a break!  It has been almost 5 years of non-stop weddings and wedding events.  I have too many bridesmaid dresses taking up space in my closet, too many hours have been spent planning showers and bachelorette parties, too much money has been spent on it all and I'm just plain tired.  I'm glad most of my girls are all married up now and I can just breathe... and let their mother's throw baby showers ;)

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  1. That would be some crazy chaos of non-stop weddings. :) But I love weddings so I don't think I would complain! haha. :) I am itching for a close friend to get engaged so I can do the whole wedding thing..hmm..haha. Sadly my friends either have unstable relationships, they are already married, OR yet to be engaged! lol.

    Atleast you have a break now! :)

  2. haha! I wanna be a bridesmaid! Ive only been once!

  3. Ahh that is crazy chaos but so much fun. You look STUNNING in the photos!

  4. You tricked me with that title -- I thought for sure you were going to say you were the bride this time!! Alas :) Yes so nice when all the good friends are married and the fun/stress of planning planning planning is over. Tell MR I like his socks.

  5. **hint hint** on that last line. lol!!! I understand. That dress is POSH, indeed. LOVE that!!! Gorgeous girlfriends to accompany a very lovely lady...that would be YOU!!! :)

  6. First all -- what an amazing friend to host & be part of all of your girlfriend's weddings & showers! You're an amazing friend!!

    Second of all -- You must REALLY love that movie "27 Dresses". ;)

    Third of all -- You look smokin' hot in your red dress! MR must have been in heaven! :)

    Hope you enjoy the coming weeks ahead! xoxo


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