Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wardrobe Bucket List

I have a wardrobe "bucket list" of sorts.  You know... items you constantly have your eye out for & something inside of you just won't settle until you have them hanging in your closet?
After two years of searching for a pair of red shorts that suited me, I have found them!  I am not sure what it is that has had me stuck on having red shorts, but I just had to have some!  Mine are regular waisted sailor shorts by One 5 One.  I snagged them at Ross for a little over $15!
To add a cherry on top, when MR saw me wearing them he asked "When did you get those shorts, babe?"  I guess when you're wearing bright red on your rear your boy toy can't help but notice.
Do you have any clothing items that are on your wardrobe bucket list?

red red shorts
red shorts
(I wore the same top with my red shorts yesterday! Quawinky dink!)
red shorts + lace
red shorts + stripes
Sailor Squad Shorts in Red...want want want
Red Denim Shorts
via forever 21

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

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  1. I think you just inspired me for red shortts too - they look amazing with a white shirt.



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