Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Amazing Disappearing Woman

It's October?
I mean...
It's October!

So many of you sweet people have emailed me in the last few months to make sure:
a) I am still alive.
b) I am still engaged.
(I'm guessing my absence was assumed to be a mourning period or something? Ha- no way!  I'd be blogging the sh*t out of those feelings!)
c) I am coming back to Lacey in Love.
Well, rest assured, all of the above are true.  I'm sure you were losing sleep over it! ;)

The last few months have been full of work days, wedding planning, moving plans and ya know...general life living.  I decided to dive right into the wedding planning and to be quite honest, get it over with!  I didn't like the idea of going to sleep every night for 10 months with things just lingering on my to do list.  One of my greatest joys in life is scratching things off of to do lists and I wasn't about to let wedding planning get the best of me!  I made a list of the big things that needed to be done and within 2 months I had managed to check most of them off!  Whew!  
Reception venue
Wedding bands

I figured if all else failed, we would be able to show up and have a nice little wedding with these things lined up.  Let me tell ya, sleeping at night is pretty, prettyyy, prettyyyy pretty good.

Enough wedding talk(for now, at least!)... let's talk about how OLLLLLD I am and how last weekend really made me feel it!  It was my 10 year reunion homecoming game and goodness gracious- those high school kids look like, well, kids!  Babies, even!
[4 years of high school together and this is our first photo together at a high school event! It only took us 10 years!]
No matter how many times I tell MR to keep his chin down in photos, I get this again and again!  I think he might be in for some lessons before this little shin dig of ours! ;)  Le sigh... men.

Until tomorrow...
that's right, I said tomorrow!
xo- Lace

2 love notes:

  1. So Glad you're back...I've missed you! :)
    I am so happy too see the wedding planning is going well too :)

  2. I LOVE your blog. I am a brand new follower and hope your latest hiatus isn't a trend. ;) You have fabulous ideas, style and recipes that I can't wait to try out! Thanks for sharing!


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