Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts at 28

Woah baby... I am 28 years young today.
Here is the same questionnaire I filled out on my 25th birthday, but with 28 year old answers this time ;)

I am: feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning.  I don't like having a to do list that takes months to check everything off of.  It's for the birds! 
I think: life has a funny way of working out... even if sometimes everything falls apart and you have to start from scratch.
I know: that God is watching over me.
I have: the best time with my MR.  It is difficult to be bored when we are together!
I wish: that there were more hours in the day.  
I hate: that I have been such a blog slacker lately.
I miss: my Granddaddy.  SO much lately.
I fear: losing a loved one.
I wonder: what life will look like a few years from now.
I regret: very little
I love: (loved)signing my soon to be last name on a sales receipt of MR's the other night :)
I am not: taking care of myself as much I would like to be.  Life has overwhelmed me in recent months, but I see things turning around!  I have enough checked off of the list that I can get back to being who I want to be.  There is no excuse for this one though!
I believe: in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart. (Remember that song?)
I dance: in my head a lot.  Am I the only one? 
I sing: with my nieces and nephews :)
I cry: when I think about how very much I love someone and how important they are in my life.
I fight: rarely.  MR and I have still not had a real fight.  I'm just awful at fighting.  Disagreeing, I can do.  And Agreeing to disagree?  Even better at that.
I always: feel like 6:30am comes too soon.
I listen: to Pandora ALL. DAY. LONG.
I am happy about: all of the exciting things to come in the months ahead!

9 love notes:

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy 28th Birthday! Wishing you the most lovely day!

  3. awww Happy 28th!

    28 has been good to me so far and i know it will be just the same with you :)

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, your FIRST as an engaged woman! :) Wishing nothing but happy, joyous events and memories in your 28th year!


  5. Seriously, your hair is fantastic :)


  6. Happy late birthday lady! So glad you are so happy in your life as of late!


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