Monday, June 23, 2014

I am happy

Again, months have passed and I have stayed away.  Oftentimes I feel like I don't have anything to give here.  I need to remember, I'm not giving... I'm keeping.  I have PLENTY to keep, y'all!

Since my last post, things have changed.  Big, beautiful, drastic changes!
November 26, 2013: Last day at the office job! There is said office behind me, where it belongs!

For the last six months I have been a stay at home aunt & housewife(housewife?  homemaker? I haven't decided which sounds less June Cleaver yet...)  Anyway, that's what I am.  It's what I've always been deep down.  I just want to take care of people, make them smile, make myself smile, laugh, make a difference, spread some love.  Everyday I wake up happy and looking forward to the day.  My girls and I, we have the best time together.  I feel so blessed that my siblings trust me to help raise up their littles. They make my heart burst on the regular, y'all!
 Playgroup Christmas party kisses with E [December 11, 2013]
 Pre-nap snuggles with an itty bitty L [January 8, 2014]
 Visiting Baba & Papa [April 1, 2014]
Modeling her bib I made her for Disney World [April 24, 2014]
In about a month, my sweet E will be moving on to big girl school & my nephew, A, will be coming to stay.  I am looking forward to having the little dude, but already tearing up thinking about not having E here regularly.  Thank the good Lord these babes are related to me and I can see them just about whenever I want!

And, THAT folks, is what I have been up to!
Pretty great, huh?

2 love notes:

  1. I related to what you wrote above so much, but it is hard to fully verbalize, more a feeling. I would be so happy to stay home, take care of a house, clean, watch little ones...I don't think I was ever meant for the career, business world. My sister recently asked if I would consider watching her little one who is almost 1 if she went back to work part time, but it would require me to move...that would be my dream job and why I so wish family were closer. I love that you love what you are doing and have the opportunity to be with them, so wonderful! :)

  2. LACEY! It's so great to read your posts again! I was checking in now & then to see if you had written anything since LAST SEPTEMBER!! So great to see you back, girl! Congratulations on your newfound job happiness! xo


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