Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Year Of Posey Jane: Month 4

My sweet girl is 4 months!  I'm posting this a tad late, but the photo was actually taken at exactly 4 months.  That counts for something!  She's 14lbs and 24" and oh goodness, gracious God in Heaven, I LOVE THIS GIRL!  I still can't believe she's mine!
This month we decided to try oatmeal in Posey's bottle to help with her acid reflux and yep, it did the trick!  Hopefully it subsides fully once she is sitting up on her own.  She's become the queen of cat naps & then after said cat naps, wakes up all kinds of cranky and wants to be held constantly because, guess what?  SHE'S TIRED.  It makes getting things accomplished a tad difficult but I just remind myself that some day she won't need me this way & I am just enjoying these sweet times.  (Even if they sometimes are cranky and sweet!)  She follows MR & I with her eyes wherever we go and gets so silly and smiley when we look back at her!  She is just the most loveable little doll and I wouldn't trade a second of my time with her!

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