Saturday, January 23, 2016

0-3 Month Baby Faves

Here are the products I thought were the bees-knees (READ: bees don't have knees) for the first 3 months with baby!  What items did you absolutely love/hate those first few months? 
This is a must have, with Auto rock so we aren't stuck pushing all night:
MR & I knew this was a must have for us since we already had TWO in our home before we had a baby!  My niece & nephew used these as their primary nap spots when I was keeping them full time.  My niece used hers for probably WAY too long, but ya' know... whatever makes 'em happy!  When it came time to register for gifts for Posey, we decided to register for the upgraded version with the automatic rocking feature & sleep sounds.  We sent the other two to our parents homes so we don't ever have to tote baby sleep gear with us when we plan to spend the day with family or when they babysit.  They fold up so they can easily slide under a bed or into a closet!  This is what we use as Posey's bassinet in our room, so honestly, we don't EVER fold it up, but it is a nice feature. 

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Cream, Small:
We began with a different type of swaddle, but quickly learned that our girl really dislikes having her arms swaddled in.  It was causing her to wake up(which is the opposite of it's purpose) because she would fight to break the swaddle & get those little arms out!  I was still determined to get her in some sort of sleep sack & when I found this one that wraps tightly around their chest so they feel secure, but leaves room for them to move their feet & has the option to swaddle the arms in or leave them out - I was whipping out the debit card, y'all!

Infantino Lil' Gems Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat:

Posey began using this around 2.5 months.  She enjoys laying on her back and just staring at the little toys & is now beginning to talk to the toys & swat at them!  I use this a lot when I am changing her diaper too!  The toy bars unclip from the bottom & you can throw the mat in the wash!

Angel Care Bath Support:

Let me tell y'all, I didn't do a TON of research on baby items when I was pregnant.  I felt very sure of what items I wanted and didn't want. (I also knew that I had a lot of hand me downs available if I decided we wanted to try something I didn't necessarily want to buy and store "just in case".  I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to gadgets & gear!)  HOWEVER, I searched high and low for the perfect bath seat.  I'm not a big fan of the baby bath tubs & "spas" because they really absorb a lot of space(especially if you have a tiny bathroom like we do!) I knew I wanted to bathe her in our actual bath tub in a sling of some sort.  After LOTS of shopping & comparing, THIS was the winner!  I cannot say enough good things about this seat.  It's mold resistant, with no absorbing fabric.(I'm looking at you, baby bath sponge mats!)  The mesh is a soft plastic material that holds it's shape & the seat is ALL ONE PIECE.  No impossible to pop out feet or hook on mesh, which was important to me so I wasn't holding a baby in one arm and trying to get the bath seat put together with the other. I drain the tub & then pick up the seat(it's super lightweight) & just shake it off and store it at the bottom of our bathroom closet.(I put a bath mat on the closet floor to catch any extra drops left on the seat)  The ONE complaint I have on this item is that they put super sticky product stickers on it(it doesn't come in a box- it's just displayed on shelves as is) so you either have to battle with the sticky or just leave the stickers on(which is what I did).  But seriously?  It's the best bath seat out there... I can deal with the stickers!

Paci clips.  Boogin Head is the only one that works for us and I love it.  They are at Walmart and nearly every baby store.:
When we are home, there is no need to have her pacifier clipped to her... we've got plenty strewn about throughout the house!  However, I totally recommend having a few pacifier clips for certain situations!  I keep one clipped in her car seat at all times so that if she gets fussy when we're in the car,  I can reach back and find it easily when we come to a stop!  There is nothing worse than a screaming baby in the car and the pacifier being MIA.  I also keep one in her diaper bag so that if we are out and about (and she's not in her car seat) I can clip it to her(or myself) and not have to deal with the pacifier hitting the floor and having to sanitize it(or do that icky, Mommy sticks it in her own mouth to clean it off maneuver) over and over.

Annnnnnd that's my list!  I 100%, without any compensation from these companies, recommend these products! 

What items should I expect to need in the coming months?  Share your wisdom here or inbox me!

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  1. We loved our rocknplay! As for something we got a surprising amount of use of, it's her exersaucer. It converts to an activity bench and still at a year she'll play with it as I'm getting ready in the morning.


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