Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasure and Q&A

WordlFUL Wednesday
...I'm giving up my guilty pleasure today...

I find ways to take pictures of people(ahem, strangers) that I think look absolutely ridiculous.


(the key is to get one of your friends to act like they are posing for a picture... I call them my wing men in these cases-haha)

I know. I KNOW! This is my best "catch" yet! We affectionately refer to her as 'Slut Face Barbie'. What was really great was seeing her with her date. You'd expect him to be wearing a flashy button down shirt with all kinds of chachkies and a pinky ring, right? NOPE, he was wearing a baseball hat, long sleeve tee shirt, old jeans & athletic shoes. I don't know how many times my friend's and I looked at one another and asked, "Seriously?" that evening. Whew, good times.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Okay, time for Q&A: I've pulled these from old comments and emails

You've mentioned that you CANNOT fall asleep if you still have your makeup on... so, what kind of crack are you washing your face with that makes you so committed? Ha, I loved the wording on this question. It's true, I can't sleep if there is a stitch of makeup on my face! I honestly think it's because my Mom would preach to me that if I slept in makeup it would ruin my skin. She told me it would make me age faster... I'm not sure that's true, but it did scare the bejeezes out of me enough to get me to wash my face before crashing! When I hit about 17 she started preaching the importance of moisturization & as it goes, I became addicted to that too. GOOD MOMMY! Anyway... onto the real answer, I suppose? I wash my face with Cetaphil Cleanser. I think all skin should be treated like it's sensitive. I mean, why not? It is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, so I can use it everyday twice a day and never feel dry and funky. Not that it makes my skin perfect(like I would LOVE it to be), but it does the job.

Seriously, you taught yourself to sew?
Well, yes and no. My Mom taught me many years ago how to sew a straight line into fabric. I would use this grand skill two times during college to make curtains for my apartment. One morning I woke up and had the craziest urge to sew myself a tote bag. WHO DOES THAT? Even I find myself strange. Anyway, I went and bought fabric and sat down and figure out how to sew a tote bag. A few hours later I had moved on to bibs. A few days later I had perfected the bib. I moved on to changing pads/diaper and wipe bags/dresses... and by doing so, I taught myself how to sew. I don't use patterns, I just make them up. I figure out sizing by measurments & work from there. Don't get me wrong... sometimes I call my mom and ask her how to do certain things on the machine since it was originally hers. She teaches me lots of neat tricks :)

I love the outfits you put together on Polyvore. What is your ideal outfit?
If you bumped into me at the market, I'd probably be wearing something like this...

my ideal

Now... if you bump into me in my dreams, I'll look something like this ; )
dream girl

That's all folks!

7 love notes:

  1. thats hilarious that you take pics of weird strangers.

  2. That's hysterical that you do that as a game! It's certainly perfect blog material. If you don't already, you should do a weekly thing just for that. There's definitely enough people out and about to make you question "seriously?"

  3. She looks like Britney Spears... ha ha ha. :)

  4. That picture is AWESOME! I may need to start doing that too!

  5. Wow! That outfit is somethin' else!! She needs some attention...obviously!!

    Enjoyed your Q&A.

  6. ooh, I love the dream outfit AND the regular outfit. Girl, I swear, you are the cutest thing since Victorias Secret!

  7. That is a funny picture! Good job!


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