Friday, March 27, 2009

I need a stronger word than Blitch for this one

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Man, it seems to be a really stinkin' bad week for blogging. I love looking back on weeks of my entries that make me feel happy & fulfilled... this week isn't one of them. I blogged a while back about being hurt and feeling pain for someone I love & what they were going through ... I'm still feeling that way. It's been 2 months(at least)... it seems to only be getting worse. It seems pointless to pray for things to get better. At this point I'm just praying for the pain to stop, which it probably won't for many years.
Why are people such scum? How can such scummy people hide under a cloak of excellence for so long and then, BAM- pull it off in a flash. TaDaaa, CRUMMY. I feel like screaming, punching, kicking, biting... I hate that someone has the power to make me feel that way. I feel like I should be stronger than that.
I need a way to deal with this anger... what can I do?
You know... I'm more disappointed than angry. I thought you were better than this... turns out you're worse than anyone could have ever imagined. Congratulations on being a complete failure of a human being. Well done. Really, excellent job. My hat is off.

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  1. Awww sweetie, I truly hope your weekend is better than your week has gone. It sounds like you need to go find your stress/anger whatever way it is for you! Sounds like someone needs a good ass kicking but I doubt that's the best solution even though I'm sure it sounds good!

    On a side note that might make you smile....Squishy defenitly looks like she got a wee bit Squisher than before! Makes me want to kiss those fatty cheeks!

  2. Its like you took the words right off my heart. I've been feeling the same way about a particular person in my life since November. I wish I could let it go and forget, but with this person, I cannot.

  3. Bless your heart. Things will get better...I promise. My very wise Gram always says, "This too shall pass." And it will.


  4. You must be a great friend! Your friend should feel extremely grateful for you to feel such emotion for something that is happening to them!

  5. oh, Sweetie! I feel for you. I wish I could say something that BAM would be a breakthrough for you. I think you just need to continue facing these feelings, because I think that if you try to push them down and away, they will keep coming back. you have to let yourself feel pain before you can be healed. and dont stop praying! it might seem pointless, but it isnt. pray for strength, not understanding.

    thinking of you, Babe...

  6. Well, whoever you're talking about sounds like a loser. Sorry you and your friend are going through crappy stuff - especially if it's due to an even crappier person.


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