Friday, September 11, 2009

Fill In The __________

I'm Proud Of Myself For:

Creating some new-ness this week :) That's just a few... saving some to show you next week!

The Last Item I Bought Was:

...a new gameday dress! Isn't it perfect in all it's purple and gold LSU glory? Eeek! I know I'm going to have to take it in, because by the time I decided to bite the bullet and order it, they only had L-XL left. NOT lacey sized :(

Tonight I'm Going To:

...go on a hot date with my hot boyfriend, and I think he'll grant me all of the above. :)

The "bit of a dance" will likely be the two of us flailing around like uncoordinated morons in the bedroom, living room or kitchen... but I'll take it!

I'm Yurning for:

Fall weather!
I've got a few more weeks of heat ahead of me. ICK, Louisiana... ICK.
Since I couldn't change the weather, I changed my hair. What a woman!

I felt like it was looking dull, so I dyed it dark red brown. Warmed it up a bit for the upcoming weather change! Not a HUGE change from what I had before... but it did the trick. I KNOW and that's what matters, right?

Before (this was with fresh highlights... they had grown out a few inches and were lookin' a bit funky)

After (I basically dyed my whole head the color of my highlights)

I'll tag some of my recent blog crushes with this one!

Have a LOVELY weekend, y'all!

...Thinking of the innocent we lost that day, the heroes who saved so many & the families whose hearts are still broken...

8 love notes:

  1. Very sweet! Your blogs are always so uplifting!

  2. I want fall weather too but I'm going to miss all my cute summer sundresses.

  3. ooohhh...YEY!!! i love tags!!! and you!! seriously the blog crush is mutual are AUHMAZING in the best possible way!!

  4. Your hair looks fabulous, and I love that last shot. Heartbreaking....

  5. Pretty! I love your hair and I bet your boyfriend will swoon, swoon.:) Have a great date!:)

  6. Hey - one of those blogs are ME!
    You are too sweet!

    I am loving your posts so you better post something everyday so I have something fabulous to entertain myself with!

    *Have an amazing weekend*

  7. Love the hair. Have a great weekend with your hot boyfriend.

  8. I heart that dress.

    And you.

    Have fun w/WG!


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