Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Freakin' Out The Freaks

Let your Freak Flags fly, Ladies!

I can't stand the way it feels to pull a cotton ball apart.

If I'm going to eat a pickle... it's going to be with a side of popcorn.

I don't like to touch towels unless I'm sopping wet.

I stand like a flamingo when I do the dishes and my makeup.

I can't stand it when my socks brush against someone elses. No footsie with the socks on, people.

SO, go ahead... raise your freak flag.
Tell me somethin' strange!

How gorg is this?
I need a bib to catch all this drool! Shameless plug in
Good thing I've got so many hanging around...

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12 love notes:

  1. i stick out the tip of my tongue whenever i'm concetrating on anything.

    if my nails are uneven, like one is broken, i clip them all super short. it's like a restart button :)

    i cant stand being poked. I love hugs and kisses and being touched but if you poke me to get my attention, i will freak out.

    I like green olives. by the handful...

  2. I have to swish around any liquid I drink before swallowing.


    I can't stand when milk drips down someone's chin

  3. haha this is a great post! hmm i always think this makes me so wierd...but i cannot stand frogs. even if im far away, or its a picture of one..i immediately feel nausaus!!!

  4. That's insanely cute!! The picture and the post!! I can't think of anything right now! Other than hating when my nail touches the bedsheets...or when someone doodles in a book (especially if it's mine!)

  5. These are fun!! I'm with you on the footsie thing except I can stand it without socks!! You better have your socks on if you think your going to rub my foot with yours!!

  6. I laugh after everything I say... It's so

  7. Cute bibs!!

    And I'm just as strange. Utensils scraping on a plate make me cringe. I also have to have my drink always on my left hand side. I can't touch frosted glass. Makes me cringe. Also, I can't chew on wood (*snickers*)... like popsicle sticks or toothpicks. So gross.

  8. You are sooooo stinkin cute.

    Standing like a flamingo?!? Love it.

    And that desk, OMG! I would DIE. In a good way.

    My freak flag....hmmm....

    I can't eat a PB&J without a diet coke. And I can't eat chocolate without water, not milk, water.

    Is that weird?

  9. Ahhh, under pressure I can't perform! I can't think of a single freak thing I do, but lord knows I have a million of them. :)

  10. I have never eaten an egg, nor a bananna.
    Something about them that really don't do it for me!

  11. Dishes must be clean before they go in the dishwasher.

    I love peas and ham, but I hate pea soup... can't even be around it.

    I pass out reading WebMD... forget about shots, blood tests, surgery, etc., but I can watch all the crime drama on TV and be absolutely fine!

    Bra and underwear... must match... even if no one is going to see them.

    Likewise with socks and clothes, even my PJs match!

    Oh... and I gave you an award!

    ~ Jen

  12. I consider my whole life to be some kind of weird OCD... hehehehehe


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!