Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oprah loves Nie as much as we do...

I always knew we had a ton in common! haha. First Matt & now Nie! The blog world is takin' over Oprah. Now if Kathy could just get herself on Ellen, the world would be right.

picture via The Nie Nie Dialogues

Are you watching?

6 love notes:

  1. I watched and checked out her blog after my friend told me that her husband went to high school with Nie. So inspirational!

  2. okay, huh? I'm so lost on this one.

    And don't forget....I am still waiting on my invite to Momversation!!!

    Do you know they offered me a contract to pay me to write and now 3 months later I am still waiting on that contract? Hmmmm....not cool.

  3. She was so amazing and is alwasys an inspiration!!
    Good job Oprah for having her on the show!

  4. i first found nie via your blog...i now read hers everyday! love that oprah loves her too ;)


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