Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 of '09

Top 10 Things I Learned in 2009

10. Good or bad...actions speak louder than words.
WAY louder.

9. Nail polish, a good pair of boots and jewelry can MAKE an outfit.

8. Music is cheap therapy...
blogging is free therapy.
I love cheap and free therapy.7. I deserve to be treated well.
I won't settle.

6. Anxiety will always rock my little world.
Oh Anxiety... I can mention you lightly & laugh about you at times. I can make jokes about my problems and call you "my biatch" for fun, but this year I learned you will always be with me. I mention embracing you & dealing with it, but man... I'd really love it if you would take a long hike.

5. Being taken for granted sucks, so don't ever take anyone you care about or anything that means anything to you for granted. Easier said than done, right? I know.

4. I'm strong.
I may break down and bawl. I may wallow. I may email Summer at 1am and worry her over my downers... sorry Sum :)
but when I'm done freakin' out the freaks

I am SO. MUCH. STRONGER. than I tend to give myself credit for.

3. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the sky & thank God for leading you down the crazy beautiful road he's chosen for you.

2. Sometimes explaining a frown is the easiest way to cure it.
(Kathy aka Mama Kat actually said that to me last year in response to my #4 "Smiling is just easier than explaining a frown." and it really stuck with me. So, so true oh wise one ;))

Drum roll please...


Happy 2010 y'all!
I ♥ you so.

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14 love notes:

  1. good things lady.
    i couldn't agree more.
    PS your like stupidly outrageously gorgeous.
    it isn't fair!

  2. Awesomeness. Pure Awesomeness. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. I really love #1 and it is so true!!

  4. Love it.

    I'm having a yummy giveaway on my blog! Come see!! :)

    Happy NYE!!

  5. Happy New Year Lacey! Wish I'd found you earlier in the year, but 2010 is a great year for making new friends!

  6. Girl, my email is ALWAYS open to you at 1am!!!

    What are BBB's for my love?

    But, you are so so right on all of these! And yes, you are STRONG.

    Hear you roar.

    P.S. Anxiety sucks you know what.

  7. love love love wat u learned this year especially the whole ashes thing haha sweet.have a happy new years hun.


  8. love it. period. you are amazing gal! happy new year!

  9. I think beside having a big heart and really lovely, you're also a strong girl, Lace. Good for you. You took your experiences and learn from them:) I wish you all the best things in 2010. Happy new year :D


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