Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Sale: pillows gallore

With all of this closet cleaning going on, I thought I'd hop in to see if y'all were interested in any of the pillow covers I rediscovered while in the shallow cave that is my closet. I'm marking them all down to get rid of them! So shoot me an email or leave a comment to claim the one you want! I will email you back to let you know if it's got your name all over it :)

Suffocated ruffle pillow in Flowers & Stripes
Fringe & fray
pillow in natural dot
How does your gardenia grow?
It's all pink & gray from here
Also available, but not individually photographed:
That's alotta stripes pillow
& Where's bird-o? pillow
[clearly, they are the 2 that you see in the pic above that you didn't see close ups of]
both $7

& Well, these are custom made of your favorite person's silhouette,
but they are so sweet I thought I'd show you again :)

Visit thecsiproject.com

6 love notes:

  1. These are adorable, LOVE 'EM! Just caught up on your blog and your trip to Chicago looked like so much fun, need to go!

  2. Oh my gosh Lacey I love these pillows! I wish I had money right now. Maybe a late Christmas present to myself. xoxoxo

  3. if its not too late i would love the pink and gray and the alotta stripes pillows! lmk!

  4. is the polka dot one still available?!

  5. Im slightly obsessed with those silhouette pillows....oh em gee.

  6. Ahhh you have to make more pillow cases!


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