Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here's the honest truth- #YNDY

Oh hey.  Don't mind me.  We're keepin' it real today.
(on the other side of this blank stare was the television crippling my mind with anything and everything that was on Bravo. God love it.)
My ankle started feeling better and then my throat decided to rebel against me.(Likely from too much smoochin' on my nephew, who I just found out has strep...SCORE!)  Things look evil back there and I'm clearly not up for the fight.  So once again I am stuck in bed... bored, sick and jacked up on cold medicine.  Yesterday MR brought me an Icee and Ramen Noodles.  Today he brought me Smoothies and vitamin C.  Just livin' the life, folks!
I have work piling up(I refuse to work when i am sick because I handle fabrics that are going to come into contact with sweet little children.  Even if I did feel well enough to do the work, I wouldn't want to jeopardize some little cutie's health with my germs.) and my brain is looped on cold meds.  I've told y'all before how wacky I get when I am on medication.  Like the one time that I decided that Obama is really Eddie Murphy.  Or like today when I decided that I'm going to make up a new hip phrase because  "YOLO" (read: it stands for 'you only live once.') is so annoying.  It's overused.  Misused.  Oh yeah, and stupid.
 So my new hip phrase is going to be "You're Not Dead Yet".  
Catchy, no?  Get it trending, folks!
No seriously- it would make me laugh big time. 
oh hell yes.
[My sentiment exactly!  via]

Okay, enough of the rambling.  I will be back shortly with regularly scheduled programming.  If I blog while on meds things are gonna get even weirder around here ;)


Linking with Mama Kat- Prompt 3: An invention you'd like to see created.
 So, maybe it's not QUITE an invention... but hell, it seems pretty close to me.  I'm inventing a saying. BAM!

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  1. Hope u feel better!

  2. Please blog on would be so much fun. Love your blog and your new hip phrase! Have to use that on my hubby. Hope you feel better soon!


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