Friday, May 4, 2012

Well that was random

Swarming termites 
If you thought this photo was of rain or snow, WRONG-O.  It's termites!!  Every May, the infamous Formosa Subterranean Termites begin their mating season. It's disgusting.  They come out of their underground tunnels at night and swarm around the nearest bright light looking for a mate.  These things are crazy talented at squeezing through closed windows so they will come right on in your house and make themselves comfortable.  They aren't harmful, just gross. They eventually lose their wings and just crawl around until they die.  Did I already say it's gross?  IT'S GROSS.

I created my very own Somee card!

Lately I've been finding that I am double pinning things.  Maybe this is a sign that I spend too much time on Pinterest?  I am actually becoming one of those people who doesn't actually follow through with any of the things I pin.  I was on a pretty sweet little roll there for a while... time to get back on track!

Usually around 1pm everyday I am ready to hear other people talking instead of just silence or music, so I turn on The Talk.  I can't handle The View, but The Talk is definitely bearable.  While I don't always get to actually WATCH, it's nice to listen.  However, whenever I do look up- the same thing always catches my attention.  Sara Gilbert's gold bar necklace.  Have y'all ever noticed it?  She wears it almost daily and with everything!  I am always on the hunt for a necklace that I can wear daily.  It is personalized(I am not sure what her's has on it) and I would love either "M & L" or "Ps 62"(my favorite psalm).  I may do some hunting on Etsy!

Alright- that's enough of the randoms.  What is everyone up to this weekend?
Whatever you're doing, do it wonderfully!

3 love notes:

  1. Ew! That termite thing is nasty. We get moths like that every seven years. So weird.

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't know that termites fly! Eek!
    I too have wanted jewelry I could wear every day. Maybe I do have some like that, but what I have doesn't have some sentimental value that would give me a reason to wear it everyday. Nor do I think one piece look good with all outfits.

  3. First of all -- GROSS is right re: those termites! It gave me the heebie jeebies and I'm just looking at them in a photo!

    And secondly, I too love Pinterest and Etsy. And sometimes I (cough, cough) pin a lot of things and the never make them. I always think ONE DAY though, I will. Only time will tell on that one! HA!

    Happy shopping for that necklace! It's super cute!


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